Text Message & Chat Records Management

NARA-Compliant Messaging

As agencies roll out agency phones, texting and chat tools, leadership has realized that they must bring their collaboration tools in compliance with their Records program. Messaging designed for consumer markets need to be extended with full archiving, records retention and compliance features.

Feith’s message archiving solution helps agencies meet these challenges by providing a comprehensive, searchable record of all SMS, MMS, and Chat messages sent and received by employees on their devices. Feith offers the industry’s only fully DoD 8180.01-certified, US owned and operated Federal message archiving solution.

The Federal Records Act requires that agencies capture and store all electronic communications regardless of their format in a secure and compliant manner. Companies with tens of thousands of employees send millions of messages every day.  Feith’s RMA IQ provides the functionality to support the records compliance mission at large organizations.

Feith gives you the means to safely record and archive messages in their entirety:
  • Capture messages automatically from messaging platforms and SMS text messages
  • Store and view messages and their metadata
  • Keep all record types in a single repository 
  • Set automatic Retention Policies
  • Export from the Feith archive for FOIA
  • Flag content based on keywords
  • Create legal holds with a single click 
  • Archive conversations in a secure repository 
  • Encrypt messages while in transit and at rest 
  • Search by message type, person or phrase
  • Create cases for internal review

How does text message archiving work?

The Feith message archiving solution captures text messages directly from the carriers (AT&T, Verizon, & T-Mobile). This ensures that all texts are captured, regardless of which carrier the employee is using. Once texts are captured, they are stored in a secure, searchable archive. This archive can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, using a web browser.

The Feith message archiving solution also includes a powerful search tool that makes it easy to find the messages you need, when you need them. The search tool supports a variety of search criteria, including keyword, date, sender/recipient, and more.

Why is message archiving important?

  • Ensure compliance with Federal regulations: By law, all agencies must capture communications, including text messages, discussing official agency business. By archiving mobile texts, you can ensure that your organization is in compliance with these regulations.
  • Maintain internal policies: In addition to external regulations, many agencies have internal policies around the nature and content of communications. Archived text messages can be used to enforce these policies and ensure that employees are adhering to them.
  • Aid in investigations and litigation: In the event of an investigation or litigation, text messages can be a valuable source of information. By archiving mobile texts, you can ensure that this data is available if it is needed.

Feith’s message archiving solution helps agencies meet these needs by providing a comprehensive, searchable record of all messages sent and received by employees, regardless of the device.

Capture and Archive from Multiple Platforms

With Feith’s DoD certified archive, messages are captured directly from the source in their conversational context.  Everything is ingested including and stored exactly the way they were made. Conversations can be recorded from a variety of communication platforms; SMS and MMS Text Messages, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, OneDrive, Skype, Zoom, Slack, Jabber, Blackberry, and more. Feith captures and archives millions of messages daily, helping businesses of any size. 

Organize records for easy retrieval 
The Records Manager uses Feith to create and execute classification schemes.  Their efforts, combined with the right tools, put structure to the company or agency’s records and saves time on retrieval.  Archived messages can be found by looking for what the message says, who sent it, or when it was sent. 

Keep track of messages through their entire lifecycle 
The Records Manager creates retention policies which control when messages get deleted.  The system watches the clock and notifies the Records Manager when the time comes to dispose of a conversation log. Once the Records Manager has given approval, the system will automatically delete the messages at the end of their lifecycle.

End-to-End Compliance and Oversight Tools

Feith’s customizable internal panels, policies, and multi-tier review queues help a business to personalize their compliance experience.  Compliance officers can work together while collecting conversations into cases for internal review.  Feith alerts the compliance officers if a message needs to be reviewed and escalated.  With a single click, deletion will be suspended on a record or collection of records for legal holds. 

Flag and freeze inappropriate conduct
Administrators are able to define workflow rules to send notifications.  Compliance specialists can create policies to automatically flag conversations based on keywords, enabling them to act on explicit or racially charged conduct before it becomes a legal liability. 

Back up and protect important messages 
With Feith, assurance options guarantee that all chat data is properly backed up in the event of a disaster.  Conversation logs are encrypted both in-transit and at rest. Once captured, they are stored in a DoD certified archive.  Chats can always be found and exported for public records requests.

Fast, Advanced Text Search and Retrieval

Not only does Feith allow you to record, archive, and dispose of records; it also assists in using, finding, and analyzing stored records.  Feith’s Automatic indexing adds structure  tomassive volumes of message logs by capturing and organizing conversation metadata. Once captured, that metadata and the message contents can be searched to pinpoint a conversation or range of conversations. 

Search tools for every department
The Records Manager has the option to filter by person, message type, and phrase. They can also save time on eDiscovery by looking in a single repository that centralizes the company or agency’s electronic records. When searching for information, teams can gather every piece of relevant data, including chats and messages, emails, documents, and much more. 

Narrow results down to the letter
Feith’s advanced search tools can instantly spot keywords or key phrases, and even find near-matches and spelling errors. Search results are lightning-fast, and favorite search criteria can be bookmarked for later. 

Seamlessly find and export messages
Discovery policies can also be made to detect keywords and key phrases. Captured messaging content is presented in its entirety in a natural, easy to read conversational format. Metadata is captured along with chat logs for discovery and retrieval. If chats are captured to the Feith archive they can be accessed and exported instantly, and in whatever file format is needed.

Feith gives businesses the tools to master their messaging records

Feith has the tools to manage your organization’s mountain of texts and chat communications.  With Feith, a business can record and store conversations in an easy-to-read, easy-to-find format. Once archived, all messages can be searched and controlled with the same tools used to meet your electronic document and records compliance goals.  Feith lets you bring enterprise-grade Records Management to chat.

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