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Feith Systems & Software, Inc.

We’ve been the standard for managing electronic records for the US Federal Government for over a decade.

Those high-security environments hammered us into the go-to option for serious record archiving.  With security and data compliance as important as they are today, it’s not surprising the commercial world took notice of the work we’re doing as well.

Daniel Feith


About the company

Feith Systems creates software and solutions to help organizations manage critical documents, data and business processes. Some of the nation’s – and the world’s – highest profile organizations are not just customers, but part of the Feith Development Community, playing an integral role to inform the direction of our products.

We don’t engineer in a vacuum. All Feith products were built in conjunction with organizations with critical document processes, and strict requirements. As a result, Feith provides the most serious, battle-tested, Commercial Off-The-Shelf software and solutions on the market.

Feith Systems is located in the beautiful suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.

At a Glance

Feith in a Nutshell

Year Founded
# 1
for Federal Records
100 %
Privately Owned

Core values

Software comes First

We are passionate about making truly excellent software. It's that purpose that we have tenaciously made the project of our lives. It's not always easy, but things worth doing rarely are.

Stay curious

Inquisitive thinking drives us. We believe in the inspiring and transformative power of curiosity to guide our product, technology, relationships, and business.

Your mission = our mission

Our customers are key partners in the development of our software portfolio. Working side by side, we carefully cultivate the philosophy that your mission is our mission.

do the right thing

We believe that honesty, integrity and kindness in our relationships with our customers, employees, and community is the best possible growth strategy.

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We build enterprise-grade software to help large and highly regulated organizations manage their information.