Better Public Experience Through Technology

Feith empowers state and local governments to streamline and elevate the organization, visibility, governance, protection, and accessibility of their public, both physical and digital, records.

Transforming Government Efficiency With Feith

The increasing complexity of information, the urgency of timely responses, and the imperative for active citizen involvement necessitate enhanced communication, collaboration, and information management within municipalities. Feith’s advanced software solutions are revolutionizing state and local government operations, delivering unmatched efficiency, security, and strategic insights to foster a more responsive and informed public sector.


Streamlined Public Services: Feith’s solutions transform government operations, making public services more accessible, efficient, and responsive. By automating workflows and digitizing records, we enable faster service delivery and improve the overall citizen experience.

Automation: Implement low-code workflows to automate routine tasks, freeing up staff to focus on higher-value work.

Digital Records: Transition from paper-based to digital records for quicker retrieval and processing, enhancing public access to services.


Enhanced Data Security and Compliance:  With Feith, governments can rest assured their data is protected and regulatory compliance is maintained. Our software meets stringent security standards and automates compliance processes, ensuring sensitive information is secure and governance requirements are met.

Security Standards: Adherence to FIPS, NIST, and FISMA standards, ensuring top-tier data protection.

Compliance Automation: Automate the tracking and reporting of compliance activities to simplify adherence to state and federal regulations.


Digital Transformation and Cloud Adoption: Meet the future head on with Feith’s cloud-based platforms, facilitating digital transformation across all levels of government. Our solutions offer scalability, reliability, and mobility, ensuring government operations are resilient and adaptable to changing needs.

Cloud Scalability: Easily scale services up or down based on demand, ensuring cost-efficiency and flexibility.

Digital Services: Facilitate the delivery of digital services, improving citizen engagement and operational efficiency.


Informed Decision-Making: Leverage unified data management for strategic insights and informed policy-making. Feith’s integrated approach to records, BPM, and case management consolidates data sources, providing a comprehensive view that supports effective decision-making and policy development.

Data Consolidation: Unify data from disparate sources for a holistic view of operations and citizen needs.

Analytics & Reporting: Utilize advanced analytics and reporting tools to derive actionable insights, guiding policy and decision-making.

Empowering Communities

Feith’s platform acts as a central nerve center for your government’s data, fostering an environment where records, documents, and forms are not only stored but also intelligently managed and easily retrievable.

This central nerve center is engineered to accommodate, manage, and optimize a vast array of governmental records, from sensitive legal documents to critical infrastructural records, providing a seamless and unified data experience. By integrating disparate data sources into a single coherent system, Feith ensures that data is not just stored but is also intelligently curated and readily accessible, facilitating a more informed and responsive government operation.

The depth and breadth of Feith’s data ecosystem are particularly advantageous for state and local governments dealing with diverse and voluminous types of documentation. Legislative documents, policy records, urban planning data, and emergency response records, among others, are managed with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

The platform’s sophisticated data architecture not only categorizes and stores but also enriches the data, enabling advanced search capabilities, cross-referencing, and analytics. This comprehensive data management approach ensures that government officials can quickly access relevant information, leading to faster and more informed decision-making processes that directly benefit public service delivery.

Moreover, Feith’s ecosystem is designed with the future in mind, accommodating the evolving nature of public service data requirements. It supports the integration of new data types and sources, ensuring scalability and adaptability to future needs. Whether it’s integrating emerging data streams from IoT devices in smart city infrastructures or adapting to new regulatory requirements for data handling, Feith’s platform is prepared to evolve. This forward-thinking approach not only enhances current public service delivery but also positions state and local governments to seamlessly adapt to future challenges and opportunities, maintaining their relevance and efficiency in an increasingly digital world.

Eliminate Paper and Data Silos

Feith addresses the critical need for state and local governments to structure and digitize their vast and varied data sources. Recognizing the inefficiencies of fragmented information systems, Feith provides a centralized platform that consolidates records, documents, and forms into a unified, searchable repository. This transformation enables governments to move away from outdated paper-based processes, enhancing operational efficiency, data accessibility, and security.

  • Feith’s platform serves as a central hub for efficient information management.
  • Facilitates a smooth transition to digital workflows, eliminating paper handling redundancies.
  • Integrates and digitizes data, streamlining government processes.
  • Enhances data accessibility for government staff and the public.
  • Accelerates service delivery, meeting modern governance expectations.

Turn Employees Into Citizen Developers

Feith’s Workflow IQ stands at the forefront of transforming state and local government operations through its advanced low-code to no-code process automation capabilities.
  • Build Your Own Apps: Feith’s BPM tool enables government staff to design and implement complex workflows without extensive coding knowledge. It simplifies the creation and modification of workflows and empowers a broader range of staff to contribute to process improvement.

  • User-Friendly Process Design: Enabling non-technical staff to engage in process automation fosters an inclusive environment for operational enhancements. It accelerates adoption of automation across government functions and  encourages continuous optimization and innovation in service delivery.

Access Information You Need When You Need It

In state and local government operations, timely and secure access to information is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity for effective governance and service delivery. The Feith platform comes standard with:

  • Permission-Based Data Access: Feith’s platform incorporates a permission management tool, allowing administrators to define and control access levels with granular precision. This ensures that sensitive information is accessible only to authorized personnel, supporting the principle of least privilege.

  • Secure and Compliant Data Management: The Feith platform is built with a deep understanding of the stringent security requirements inherent to government operations. It employs advanced security protocols and compliance measures to safeguard data against unauthorized access and cyber threats, ensuring that government data is protected in line with both state and federal regulations.

Choose Your Deployment Model

Feith offers both cloud-based and on-premises hosting options. This allows government agencies to choose a deployment model that aligns with their specific security, accessibility, and infrastructure needs.

  • Cloud Hosting: For government organizations looking to leverage the scalability and accessibility of cloud solutions, Feith provides a secure cloud-based platform that ensures data is accessible anytime, anywhere, while maintaining rigorous security standards.

  • On-Premises Hosting: For entities with stringent data residency requirements or those preferring to maintain their data within their own IT environment, Feith offers an on-premises solution. This option gives agencies complete control over their data environment, with the added assurance of Feith’s security and data management features.

Ensure agency information
is secure and compliant

Protect our National interests with
the Feith Platform.