Records Management

Feith combines expert consultative services with our industry-leading software, RMA iQ, to deliver an automated and audit-ready records management program. This 360-degree solution guarantees maximum efficiency and full compliance with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for your federal agency.

Automatically capture, secure, categorize, manage, and defensibly delete records

RMA iQ is a complete solution that addresses all phases of the records lifecycle, from capture through final disposition. The software offers a feature-rich interface and flexible deployment options that make it easy to use and administer.

Record Capture

RMA iQ automatically captures documents into the central repository as users create them. It uses synchronization and integration methods such as RESTful APIs to connect to and migrate documents and content from email, file shares, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Oracle databases.

Record Indexing

RMA iQ captures and ingests both the records and any metadata and index values held in organizational databases, file systems, legacy data stores, and custom repositories. Index values help the system find, organize, control, and workflow documents stored in the repository.

Manage & Control

RMA iQ helps to ensure that organizations comply with laws and regulations. The solution’s capabilities align with NARA’s Universal ERM lifecycle of electronic records management, including Capture, Maintenance and Use, Disposal, Transfer, Metadata, and Reporting.

Search & Retrieval

RMA iQ comes with tools to find and access records within the centralized repository.  Powerful search capabilities let users query by metadata, full-text, and use filters to narrow down results. Search results can also be controlled by user permissions, keeping records secure.

Categorize Records

In RMA iQ, categorization is based on the record’s structured (metadata) and unstructured (full-text) content. Within Feith’s RMA iQ solution, declaration and categorization may occur along a level-of-difficulty spectrum ranging from automatic to manual.

Records Schedules

RMA iQ enables organizations to upload their retention schedules and the NARA machine-readable Comprehensive Records Schedule. Once uploaded, staff can develop and tune the rules to determine the retention period per category.

Records Disposition

RMA iQ’s automated retention and disposition workflows ensure precise record management throughout their lifecycle, adhering to federal regulations. This setup streamlines retention, ensuring timely archiving or deletion, thus enhancing compliance and record-keeping efficiency.


The work that records managers complete must be entirely defensible. There needs to be a visual tally of every action throughout the lifecycle of a record. At every step, RMA iQ ensures a detailed, complete, and secure audit trail.

"Feith’s Records Management platform has helped our Agency ensure compliance with NARA M-23-07 requirements. The enterprise-wide Records Management solution has reduced manual work, increased productivity, and provided valuable insights about the agency’s records program."

Feith for NARA Compliance

More than software

To achieve full compliance with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) you need the right software. But transitioning to that software often requires guidance at the program level. So, Feith complements RMA iQ with hands-on consultative services to remedy any underlying issues. Our approach begins with a thorough analysis of your agency’s records management practices. This includes a detailed gap assessment to identify both current and anticipated needs, pinpointing inefficiencies and bottlenecks that might hinder compliance and operational effectiveness. Then, Feith’s Records Management SME’s will work closely with your team to address those challenges. They will help fine-tune both RMA iQ and its implementation to optimize your records management processes and ensure that your agency is audit-ready.

All of our guidance is grounded in NARA’s principles, ensuring that our strategies are not only current but also forward-looking. Feith maintains a strong and active relationship with NARA, engaging in annual discussions with the NARA Policy Department and contributing to the Universal Electronic Records Management (UERM) Requirements. These continuous interactions help ensure that our consultative services and product development roadmap are closely aligned with federal records management missions. By doing so, we not only enhance our own offerings but also assist our agency partners in navigating the complex landscape of compliance, ultimately guiding them toward sustained success in records management.

White glove consultation

The best technology is only as good as the way its used. So, our team of experts is available 24/7 to provide insights and solutions for any software or records management issues, system troubleshooting, and strategic program direction. Clients have exclusive access to our vast knowledge base, featuring a comprehensive collection of tutorials, frequently asked questions, and best practices in the field. The consultative work we do is ongoing. As regulations change, Feith will work with your team to make sure that the way your agency uses the software reflects those changes. 

Industry-leading records management technology

RMA iQ features an intelligent automation system at its core, which uses machine learning algorithms and adaptable workflows to efficiently classify, manage, and dispose of records. It can handle records from any source, with built-in connectors for popular systems like SharePoint, OneDrive, and O365 as well as a platform-agnostic API connector that’s been used to connect with thousands of other distinct record producing systems. RMA iQ also ensures the security of sensitive information through encryption, access control, and audit trails, helping organizations comply with strict regulations. All these features are integrated into a user-friendly interface that is easy for quick adoption and navigation, regardless of skill level.

Feith for Sensitive Records

RMA iQ has undergone rigorous testing through DISA’s Joint Interoperability Test Command following the DoD 5015.02 specifications for Classified Records Management, and achieved ATO up to IL-6. 

The criteria tested by DISA JITC included:
→ Comprehensive audits of all platform actions
→ Anti-tamper prevent data manipulation through hash digests
→ Attribute-Based Access Control / Role-Based Access Control
→ MLS encompassing Classifications, Nationality, and Markings
→ User clearances filter search and access
→ Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)
→ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) tagging
→ Secure document destruction/digital shredding
→ Capture from any agency repositories, GCC Moderate and High

RMA iQ’s features are developed in close collaboration with the US Intelligence Community and various Federal Clients to meet the high security and functionality standards required by government agencies. The system automatically issues alerts for any unusual access, downloads, or actions that could pose a threat. Additionally, our Declassification Review module helps ensure compliance with Executive Order 13526.

We prioritize security by including encryption at the FIPS 140-2/140-3 level to protect data both in transit and at rest. Our system also supports Common Access Card (CAC) and Personal Identity Verification (PIV) systems, which strictly control access to sensitive information in accordance with federal standards.

Your security-first centralized archive and automation platform

RMA iQ’s modular design lets customers customize its functionality to meet their specific needs and easily integrate new capabilities as their requirements evolve. The platform offers user-friendly interfaces for managing file plans, syncing and sharing files, creating custom reports, and optimizing workflows. Using these tools, system administrators, records managers, and knowledge workers can efficiently manage document tasks such as adding, searching, viewing, indexing, annotating, declaring, categorizing, routing, redacting, printing, and disposing of documents.

RMA iQ offers several key benefits to organizations:

↳ Improved compliance with regulations
↳ Reduced costs for storing and retrieving records
↳ Protects sensitive information
↳ Facilitates faster adoption of new technologies
↳ Improved efficiency by eliminating manual processes

Leaders in Federal Records

Feith Systems is the federal records management company. It’s what we do. For decades, Feith has innovated to stay ahead of evolving federal standards and technological advancements. We’ve forged strong partnerships with key federal entities, delivering customized solutions that enhance their operational workflows and decision-making processes. By focusing on training, support, and continuous improvement, Feith empowers agencies to manage their records confidently and securely – that’s our mission.

Ensure agency information
is secure and compliant

Protect our National interests with
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