Student Docs

Feith’s ECM solution offers a strategic approach to digitalizing campuses, ensuring that educational institutions can navigate the information explosion with ease and efficiency. By integrating our cutting-edge technology, your institution can not only meet but exceed the contemporary demands of students, faculty, and administrative staff.

Empower Student Success

Our advanced software is designed to systematically enhance the safety and integrity of our nation, ensuring a robust defense infrastructure that stands ready to confront emerging global challenges.

Content Management

StudentDocs is comprised of tools that organize, categorize, and streamline document access. Our platform transforms the way staff and students interact with vital information, offering intuitive navigation and rapid retrieval capabilities.


Feith automates complex document-centric processes, enabling seamless transitions from one task to another without manual intervention. From document routing to approval hierarchies, StudentDocs streamlines inter-departmental operations. 

Information Governance

Our platform offers a suite of tools designed to enforce the most stringent educational regulations and data protection standards. From detailed document lifecycles and granular access controls to sophisticated audit trails, StudentDocs safeguards your institution’s information assets. 


Feith enables  your institution to access, manage, and share critical documents from anywhere, at any time, across any device in the cloud. This mobility ensures that your faculty, staff, and students stay connected and productive, whether they’re on campus, at home, or on the move.

Why Feith ECM?

Feith’s ECM solution delivers a superior strategy for digital transformation within educational environments, guaranteeing that institutions master the surge of information with unparalleled ease and proficiency.

Feith is engineered with a deep-seated comprehension of the educational landscape, ensuring it meets  demands ranging from admissions processes to alumni engagement. 

Advanced Security: For educational institutions that are prime targets for data breaches, Feith’s commitment to robust security architecture stands out. Our solution goes beyond the industry norms to implement cutting-edge security measures, safeguarding sensitive information against evolving cyber threats. This proactive approach to data protection instills confidence among stakeholders, ensuring that the institution’s and students’ data integrity is never compromised.

Integrated Solutions: Feith’s ECM excels in its ability to integrate with the existing technological fabric of educational institutions, a feature that places it ahead of competitors. Our platform is designed to complement and enhance existing systems, facilitating a cohesive and interconnected digital ecosystem. By ensuring compatibility and smooth data flow between disparate systems, Feith empowers institutions to harness the full potential of their digital resources, enhancing insight across all operational levels.

User-Centric Design: Recognizing the varied levels of technological proficiency across educational institutions, Feith has engineered an ECM solution that prioritizes ease of use without compromising on sophistication. Feith’s user interface is intuitive, ensuring that users, regardless of their technical background, can navigate and leverage the system effectively. This user-centric design philosophy extends across all touchpoints of the ECM experience, facilitating higher adoption rates, reducing the learning curve, and empowering users to maximize their productivity and focus on their core educational missions.

Key Benefits

Discover the transformative advantages of Feith’s ECM solution, meticulously designed to elevate your educational institution’s performance across all dimensions.


Enhanced Privacy & Compliance: In the digital age, securing sensitive educational data is paramount. Feith’s ECM solution provides robust security features, ensuring that all documents are protected under stringent compliance standards, thus safeguarding student and staff privacy while adhering to regulations like FERPA.


Efficient Operations: Feith revolutionizes campus operations, allowing for a digital-first approach that enhances productivity and cuts down unnecessary costs. Our system streamlines document handling, from student applications to faculty publications, ensuring every process is optimized for speed and accessibility.


A More Collaborative Environment: Break down silos and foster a collaborative campus culture with Feith’s ECM. Our platform enhances interdepartmental communication and project management, enabling seamless information flow and cooperative initiatives across the institution.

Solutions for Every Department


Streamline application processing and review, ensuring timely and fair admissions decisions. With Feith, manage applications, transcripts, and communications in one centralized system, enhancing both staff efficiency and applicant experience.

Financial Aid

Automate the financial aid process, from application to disbursement, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Feith’s system simplifies document management and workflow, providing students with timely assistance and financial offices with operational clarity.


Human Resources

Revolutionize HR processes with digital records and automated workflows. From recruitment to retirement, manage employee documents, benefits, and compliance efficiently, allowing HR to focus on strategic initiatives and staff support.

Registrar’s Office

Digitize and automate course registration, transcript management, and certification processes. Feith ensures that students and faculty have immediate access to essential academic records, streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing academic experiences.

Ensure agency information
is secure and compliant

Protect our National interests with
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