Streamlining processes for large & highly regulated businesses

The Feith Platform transforms data management and compliance, enhancing efficiency and innovation in Fortune 500 companies through digitization and integrated, secure content management solutions.

Automate Tasks

Automatically designate declassification tasks based on the statutory timeline

Track Milestones

Track progress per record or collection through each stage of the process

Monitor & Report

Generate reports to show status/progress of all current declassification processes


Refer decision making to partner agencies when record ownership is shared

Low-Code Process Improvement

Fortune 500 companies are navigating through a complex landscape that includes handling sensitive data sets and adhering to continuously changing regulations. The Feith Platform is designed to meet these challenges effectively, enhancing efficiency, security, and innovation within large, regulatory-intensive organizations.

Digital Transformation and Process Optimization

For Fortune 500 companies aiming to preserve their market position, the transition to digital operations is essential. The Feith platform specializes in converting traditional paper-based and manual tasks into efficient, digital formats. This transformation facilitates a reduction in processing times, decreases the likelihood of human errors, and boosts overall productivity. Through its comprehensive ECM features, the platform supports the capture, storage, management, and retrieval of a wide array of content, making critical information accessible on demand.

Moreover, the platform’s capability to mesh with pre-existing systems augments operational efficiency. It serves as a unified storage solution for diverse content types, such as emails, documents, and multimedia, promoting a unified information flow across different business applications. This integration feature empowers organizations to automate various workflows, from contract approvals to handling customer queries, thereby expediting decision-making and enhancing client satisfaction.


Creating a Central Source of Truth for AI and Modernization Efforts

In the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and rapid technological evolution, establishing a central source of truth is paramount for Fortune 500 companies. The Feith platform stands out by providing a foundational layer for AI initiatives and modernization efforts. By consolidating data from diverse sources into a unified, accessible repository, the platform ensures that AI models and algorithms have access to accurate, comprehensive datasets. This centralization is crucial for training AI systems, enabling them to deliver more precise predictions, automate complex tasks, and enhance decision-making processes. Moreover, by serving as a central hub for data, the Feith platform facilitates the modernization of legacy systems, ensuring that organizations can swiftly adapt to new technologies while maintaining data integrity and continuity.

Navigating Efficiency Amidst Regulations and Bureaucracy

In the intricate landscape of regulations and bureaucracy that Fortune 500 companies navigate, maintaining operational efficiency while ensuring compliance is paramount. The Feith ECM and ERM platform strategically addresses this challenge by embedding compliance mechanisms into its core functionalities. It simplifies the management of records in alignment with both legal and sector-specific mandates through automated retention schedules, stringent access controls, and detailed audit trails for documentation and records. This integrated approach not only mitigates the risk of penalties due to non-compliance but also bolsters the organization’s capacity for prompt and effective responses to legal challenges and audits, ensuring uninterrupted efficiency in regulatory environments.

Collaboration and transparency

Feith enhances organizational transparency and fosters a culture of collaboration, enabling seamless information sharing and teamwork to drive collective success and innovation.

Promoting Collaboration and Fostering Innovation

The Feith ECM and ERM platform goes beyond streamlining operations and compliance; it also encourages collaboration and innovation within Fortune 500 entities. By offering a unified platform for content and record management, it facilitates better team collaboration, enabling the sharing of information and insights that can spur innovation.

With advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, the platform provides critical insights into organizational data and processes. These insights allow companies to identify improvement opportunities and base decisions on solid data. By capitalizing on this information, businesses can refine their operations, develop new offerings, and maintain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Efficiency in task management and case resolution is vital for the smooth operation of Fortune 500 companies. The Feith platform accelerates these processes through its sophisticated tasking workflows and case management capabilities. By automating routine tasks and streamlining case handling, it allows employees to focus on higher-value activities. Customizable workflows can be designed to match the specific needs of different departments, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness. This not only speeds up internal processes but also improves the customer experience by enabling faster and more accurate responses to inquiries and issues.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is a powerful tool for transforming complex datasets into clear, actionable insights. The Feith platform incorporates advanced data visualization capabilities, allowing users to create intuitive dashboards and reports. These visual tools make it easier for decision-makers to identify trends, patterns, and outliers within their data, facilitating informed decisions. By enabling a visual exploration of data, the platform supports a more nuanced understanding of business operations, customer behaviors, and market dynamics, contributing to a strategic advantage in a competitive landscape.

In conclusion, the Feith ECM and ERM technology platform offers a multifaceted solution that addresses the critical needs of Fortune 500 companies in the digital age. By providing tools for digitization, compliance, collaboration, and innovation, it empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of today’s business environment with agility and foresight.

"We’re improving operational efficiency across our company using the Feith platform. We originally purchased Feith as a departmental solution, but quickly rolled it out to the whole org because it meant less manual work."

Efficiency by Design, Compliance by Default

Feith’s modular architecture and low-code platform deliver operational efficiency and flexibility, engineered for customization. Built-in compliance mechanisms ensure regulatory adherence, seamlessly integrating with every solution.


Streamlined Modular Architecture for Flexibility and Growth: Feith’s cutting-edge modular technologies leverage a microservices architecture for enhanced independence in development, deployment, and scaling of components. This enables precise customization to meet specific operational needs, while API-first principles ensure seamless integration and ecosystem expansion. The architecture’s modularity and scalability are ideal for businesses in dynamic markets, offering the agility to adapt technology swiftly to regulatory changes or shifting business demands.


Empowering Experts with Low-Code Development: Feith revolutionizes app development with its low-code platform, empowering process experts to easily design and customize applications without deep coding knowledge. By using intuitive visual workflows and drag-and-drop tools, SMEs can rapidly deploy solutions tailored to their unique needs, reducing dependence on specialized IT resources. The platform’s extensive library of templates and components further accelerates application development, fostering operational efficiency and innovation, and enabling quick adaptation to market and regulatory changes.


Built-In Compliance for Secure Operations: Feith’s DISA-certified and UERM-compliant platform integrates advanced compliance features, ensuring solutions meet stringent security and regulatory standards. With capabilities like automated document classification, role and attribute-based access control, and support for sensitive workloads, the platform minimizes manual errors and secures data access. Compliance is baked into the system, from encryption to audit trails, reducing the risk of breaches and ensuring solutions are ready for regulated environments.

Low-Code Workflow

Feith’s platform enhances process management with a comprehensive suite of automation tools:

  • Digitization of Manual Processes: Converts manual tasks to automated digital workflows, slashing processing times and reducing errors, streamlining data handling for faster, more accurate operations.
  • Structuring Unstructured Processes: Transforms ad-hoc tasks into standardized workflows, ensuring consistent execution, compliance enhancement, and service quality improvement.
  • Advanced Automation Toolkit: Provides tools for document routing, automated approvals, API integration, task assignment, and process decomposition into sequential or parallel tasks. This toolkit enables deep customization and efficient process management, facilitating optimal workflow execution and team collaboration.

Case Management

Feith Case Manager enhances organizational efficiency and accountability in handling diverse case types through specialized functionalities:

  • Automated Case Lifecycle Management: Streamlines every stage of case management, from initiation to resolution. This feature automates routine tasks and ensures that all cases progress efficiently, adhering to predefined workflows and timelines. 
  • Centralized Collaboration and Real-Time Visibility: Creates a unified platform for all case-related activities, enabling seamless collaboration among case workers, management, and external stakeholders. 
  • Customizable Case Workflows and Analytics: Provides advanced customization options for case workflows, allowing organizations to tailor case management processes to specific requirements. Integrated analytics offer deep insights into case volume, duration, outcomes, and worker performance, enabling continuous process improvement and strategic case management planning.

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