Enterprise solutions
Modernizing your business, is our business

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  Enterprise modernization

Across your business, there are disjointed document repositories and tasking systems. They don't talk together, and the business suffers. Feith's Enterprise platform will connect your organization's systems together into one greater whole.

  Accounts payable

Streamline your A/P system with automated delivery, management, approval, and routing of POs, invoices, and related docs. Reduce processing costs and manual effort, improve timeliness, eliminate costly mistakes and errors.

  Employee records

HR departments manage a lot of information and documents, in a large number of formats. Feith EFM simplifies those processes and the management of documents surrounding them.

  Financial documents

Manage important Financial Servicing documents through your organization, including Checks, Statements, Electronic Forms, Signature Cards, and Loan Documents.

  Make sharing safe

Feith’s enterprise file sharing software allows your team to share and collaborate on documents with others around the business, securely and privately. Stop your business's IP from spilling into the wild, by leading employees to make good decisions.


Feith’s E-Discovery solution handles all phases of the discovery lifecycle: capturing, redacting, storing, tracking, revising, and reviewing documents and cases throughout the entire organization.


Our P2P solution dramatically reduces transaction-processing costs. Streamline requisition, approval, and payment, with a seamless transition from a paper to digital workflow.

  Move me to the cloud

Moving your important Document Management, Workflow and Task Management systems to the cloud makes a lot of sense. We'll help you get there .