Take Control of M365 Records

Feith for M365 provides a system fully compliant with NARA UERM standards, enabling centralized and automated management of Sharepoint, Teams, and OneDrive. 

NARA-Compliance Made Easy

Feith transforms your Microsoft 365 environment into a NARA UERM compliant records management system.

Feith uses a “Manage in Place” approach, so you can make sure your Microsoft records are properly retained and disposed of without relocating them to a separate system

Feith allows users to manage documents directly within SharePoint. This system organizes and manages the process of keeping or disposing of records. The original documents stay locked in SharePoint, meaning they cannot be changed or removed. However, users can still view these documents via the links in Feith.

  • Centralized Records Management: Enables management of records across all SharePoint repositories from a single platform.
  • Automated Indexing and Categorization: Automatically indexes and categorizes records for streamlined access and retention.
  • Advanced Search Functions: Include robust search tools that quickly locate specific documents across multiple SharePoint sites.
  • Compliance Assurance: Automatically manages record declaration, retention, and disposition to ensure compliance with NARA’s UERM.
  • User Experience: Offers an intuitive interface that mirrors Microsoft Office, ensuring ease of use for all users.
  • Detailed Reporting: Provides analytics and reporting tools for a comprehensive overview of records management activities.

Simplifying Records Management in Microsoft

Feith’s SharePoint Add-On synchronizes your records from SharePoint to a centralized repository, allowing you to manage the entire records lifecycle, including search, capture, management, and final disposition, from one central location.


Declaring Records: Users can declare documents as records in SharePoint either manually or through automated processes. Once a document is declared, Feith automatically updates its status across all systems by marking it as a “record state” in SharePoint. This ensures uniform records management across different platforms.


Link Creation: Feith creates links to documents stored in a management repository, keeping the original files locked and uneditable in SharePoint to maintain record integrity. However, users can still view and access these documents through Feith’s links, ensuring compliance without hindering access.


Categorization: Record links in Feith are automatically categorized according to their content and metadata. These categories are aligned with the General Records Schedule (GRS) and Records Control Schedule (RCS), which help determine how long a record should be retained.


Management: The retention periods dictated by the categories guide the actions taken when records reach their expiration dates. Actions may include archiving the records for long-term preservation or deleting them if they are no longer needed.


Review and Approvals: Once records are categorized, Feith’s Record Schedule Administrator automatically monitors their retention timelines. As records approach their designated end-date, Feith initiates a workflow that notifies record managers, prompting them to review and approve the disposition of the records.


Disposition and Deletion: Once the necessary approvals are obtained, the system automatically initiates the disposal process. This process ensures that both the record stored in SharePoint and its corresponding link in FeithDrive are simultaneously and automatically removed.

Boosting Federal Records Management Compliance

Billions of federal records are generated and stored in Office 365 and SharePoint, which, in their standard configurations, lack the comprehensive records management functionality needed for full compliance with UERM standards. Feith’s SharePoint Add-On fills this crucial gap by offering advanced records management features that can be seamlessly integrated into SharePoint. With this add-on, organizations can ensure their records management practices are both efficient and compliant, leveraging the robust infrastructure of SharePoint enhanced by Feith’s specialized capabilities. This integration not only simplifies compliance but also enhances the overall management and accessibility of records within federal agencies.

Ensure agency information
is secure and compliant

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