Solutions for Energy

Archive information assets securely, for their lifecycle

The Feith Platform allows Energy and Utility companies to capture essential assets and control them for their entire lifecycle as archive ready records.  Feith’s Department of Defense certified platform allows energy companies to store and control records with the same level of requirements in place in the US Federal Government, simplifying compliance with rules and regulations, such as the Nuclear Engineering Institute documentation guidelines.

Long-term Archive

Information can be trusted in the Feith's long-term Repository for its entire lifecycle.

Compliance Control

Stay in compliance with rules, regulations, and internal and external policies with Feith.

Enhance Security

Keep the right eyes on the right information and the wrong eyes out using Feith's security features.

Process Improvement

Use Feith's market leading workflow engine to help you process documents automatically and efficiently.

Feith allows you to centralize assets, like engineering documents, in a single searchable repository, making it easier to find, control, secure, deliver, audit, and destroy those assets.  That means greater visibility and insight into your processes.

Capture and control many content types

  • Engineering Documents

  • Asset Management

  • Project Documentation

  • CAPA & Self Assessments

  • Machine Maintenance Documentation
  • Risk Management

  • Regulatory Documentation

  • GIS Integrations

  • Email Archives

  • Waste Disposal Records

Process Visibility

Your company's ability to outpace competitors is largely decided by your ability to execute on business process improvements.

The Feith Platform is built for those kinds of improvements. With a fully-integrated workflow engine, Workflow IQ, you can build process workflows and automate processes.
Automate manual processes with workflow.

Additionally, improvement is not just how much you can automate, but also how much you know about what you didn't yet automate. That's why Feith includes a complete live dashboarding and reporting system, Dashboard IQ, so you can make great decisions from critical information.

Long-term Archiving

Energy and utility companies have the longest retention periods of any industry in the world.

While many businesses are moving whole-sale to the cloud, Energy and Utility companies will benefit most from On-Premises solutions. The security benefits of On-Premises is clear, but there are also long-term cost considerations.

At current prices, a petabyte of storage on a popular cloud service would come close to $1 million over just ten years. Yet, a petabyte of harddrives costs about $40k to buy outright. For an industry that has must keep some documents for the next 100 years, picking a vendor who supports On-Premises archiving is essential.

ECM for Energy

Improved access to safety documentation and continual improvement plans through content search and structured document sharing.

Reduce risk of insider threats through Role Based Access Controls (RBAC), Attribute Based Access Controls (ABAC) and security alerts

Reduce paperwork and speed processes, by providing distributed access to documents and forms in the cloud.

With Feith SDK, allow your developers to create new apps based on pre-built security schemes and data architectures, using standard Javascript frameworks.

Meet record retention requirements. Ensure your employees are adhering to retention regulations.

Automate processes and structure approval steps, through Feith’s completely integrated Workflow engine. 

Bridging data silos across the enterprise​

Large organizations need to take control of their knowledge repositories.  That means making sure that documents and data aren’t scattered around the organization, completely uncontrolled, and difficult to access.

Feith makes it easy to bring your systems together.  With a full suite of integration APIs and connectors, you can centralize your document repositories.  Now your content is secure, searchable, shareable, easy to distribute, and fully audited.