Paper Records


The Feith Physical Records Center (PRC) is a secure, centralized location for storing all your physical records. It provides advanced management tools that enable you to track record locations, control access, and maintain your physical records with the same precision as electronic ones.

Search for Physical Like Electronic

PRC standardizes archiving practices by assigning a physical address to each record and transforming it into searchable content. PRC enables users to search for text in documents, sentences that have been extracted from image files, or even a physical record’s metadata. 

Control Access to Records

PRC ensures security by enabling customizable user roles and permissions to safeguard records against unauthorized access. Integrating with LDAP/Active Directory for single sign-on, PRC allows admins to fine-tune access control, ensuring users can only access pertinent functionalities and records.

Check-In and Check-Out

PRC’s check-in and check-out functionality allow the organization to track the location of its records. When a person checks out a record, PRC generates a work order that includes the record’s information and the name of the person who checked it out. Feith then automatically routes the work order to the appropriate individual for processing.

Ensure Proper Retention

PRC’s retention and disposition features help you to ensure that your records are properly retained and disposed of in accordance with your organization’s retention policy. PRC’s Retention Manager tool allows you to create and manage retention schedules, and the Disposition Wizard helps you to dispose of records in a secure and compliant manner.

What is Feith's Physical Records Center?

The transition to digital isn’t just a strategy, it’s a mandate. So while you may still need to keep some paper records, you are required to manage them with the same rigorous standards as electronic ones.

A unified solution that encompasses both physical and electronic records management is a must. That’s the advantage of Feith’s Physical Records Center. It integrates the storage and management of physical records into a forward-thinking digital framework, ensuring efficiency and compliance in the digital age.

Each physical record receives a unique, scannable barcode, allowing for easy recognition and handling within RMA iQ. Key features include:

  • Easy check-in and check-out of records
  • Tracking of loans for boxes and documents
  • Monitoring of document storage locations
  • Automated disposition based on time or specific events
  • Tracking of due dates for record actions
  • Management of record classifications and markings
  • Setting permissions for who can loan records
  • Approving or denying record transfers

Electronic Tools for Physical Records

Feith’s Physical Records Center delivers a suite of electronic tools crafted to manage the lifecycle of physical records with unmatched precision. By leveraging Feith PRC, organizations can seamlessly integrate, manage, and analyze their physical records, ensuring stringent control, compliance, and operational excellence.


Centralize Physical Records: Feith’s Physical Records Center (PRC) is an integrated repository that streamlines the management of both physical and electronic records. This cohesive platform enables efficient organization, tracking, retrieval, and editing of records, simplifying and enhancing your records management processes within a single, user-friendly interface.


Utilize Barcodes to Find Everything: PRC enhances tracking with its advanced barcode generation tools for files, folders, and storage locations. Quickly scan a record’s barcode and its location to instantaneously update its status in Feith, streamlining record management and ensuring real-time accuracy.


Maintain Audit Trails: provides advanced audit trails that meticulously track and log all user interactions with your records, detailing who accessed what and when. This feature delivers a detailed history of activities within the system, including searches, requests, and modifications, enhancing both security and accountability in your records management.


Automate Categorization of Physical: Feith’s PRC streamlines the search process, enabling you to swiftly locate physical records by probing text within documents, extracting sentences from images, or searching through metadata. Enhance your efficiency by saving commonly used search criteria, allowing for rapid, repeated access to vital records without repetitive input.


Track Records Across Locations: PRC enhances your control over physical assets by providing detailed tracking of storage details, custody by records managers, and movements to alternative storage locations. This monitoring ensures you have full visibility and control, facilitating efficient management and quick retrieval of any physical record.


Analyze Items and Actions: PRC enhances your records oversight with reporting tools that deliverinsights into your records’ locations, retention statuses, and histories. With the flexibility to generate these reports on-demand or schedule them for automatic delivery, PRC ensures you have continuous up-to-date information, facilitating proactive management and informed decision-making.

M-23-07 Support

Many agencies are facing challenges adhering to M-23-07. In spite of their best efforts, they simply don’t have the document digitization tools needed to stay in compliance. RMA iQ provides the essential features to smoothly transition to digital records and successfully meet NARA’s audit standards:

  • High-Speed Scanning
  • Batch Record Ingestion
  • Completely Full-Text Searchable
  • Secure Document Collaboration
  • Automatic Record Categorization
  • Redaction System
  • Extract, Transform & Load Engine
  • Integration into Existing Processes

UERM Compliance

RMA iQ’s Physical Records Center stands out by seamlessly integrating a suite of advanced features with UERM-compliant Records Management, encapsulating the essence of modern and efficient records oversight. This integration is not just about compliance; it’s about enhancing your records management with intelligent, automated workflows that streamline processes from end to end. With RMA iQ, you’re equipped with real-time notifications, dynamic web forms that adapt to your needs on the fly, and insightful dashboards and reports that illuminate key performance metrics.

These tools collectively empower you to manage your physical records with the same level of sophistication and analytical depth as you do your electronic records, ensuring a holistic and unified approach to records management across your organization.

Accelerate Your Transition to Digital

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