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Feith’s commitment to Federal Government IT modernization is not just about technology—it’s about fostering enduring partnerships in service to the nation.  In all our efforts, security, strict compliance, and transparency are top priorities, achieved through strategic collaboration and continuous knowledge sharing with key stakeholders in the federal sector.

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A Platform Tailored for Federal Success

Our suite of services transcends conventional offerings, providing federal agencies with the tools and expertise to lead in the digital age. From AI-enhanced records management to multi-cloud strategies, Feith is your ally in redefining federal operations, ensuring your agency is primed for both current challenges and future horizons.


Digitization & Automation: Feith transforms federal document workflows through intelligent automation and AI-enhanced data extraction, significantly reducing manual tasks and ensuring 24/7 access to information. It aligns with federal mandates, enhancing operational agility and compliance, and supports a seamless shift to digital record-keeping, bolstering government responsiveness and security in service delivery.


IT & Legacy Modernization: Our low-code/no-code development approach modernizes government IT by enabling rapid, user-friendly app creation, reducing dependence on specialized IT skills. This accelerates innovation, ensures compliance with federal standards, and enhances system interoperability. Agencies can quickly adapt to policy changes, maintaining operational agility and future-proofing their IT infrastructure against evolving government directives.


Records Management & Information Governance: Feith’s RMA iQ automates the full records lifecycle, ensuring compliance with federal mandates like the Federal Records Act and NARA regulations. It streamlines record capture, classification, retention, and disposal, supporting in-place management to minimize data migration risks. This approach bolsters data integrity, aligns with evolving legal standards, and enhances governmental transparency and accountability.


Government to Citizen Engagement: Feith’s FOIA Workbench enhances FOIA and information request processes by enabling online submissions and digital delivery, streamlining access and improving stakeholder satisfaction. It digitizes document handling, boosting responsiveness and aligning with FOIA’s timely disclosure goals, while incorporating strong security measures to safeguard sensitive data and comply with protection standards, fostering transparency and trust in government interactions.


Connection to Core Systems: Feith integrates seamlessly with key government systems—email, chat, SMS, and legacy repositories—enhancing data accessibility and inter-departmental collaboration. It facilitates real-time information exchange. This integration ensures that both historical and current data are optimally utilized, supporting efficient government operations and preparing agencies for future technological evolutions.



Agency Case File Management: Feith’s Case Management solution streamlines the administration of case-related documents, enhancing access and security across governmen. It centralizes data, facilitating inter-agency collaboration and adherence to compliance standards, while accommodating diverse case workflows. The system’s advanced search and analytics capabilities ensure information retrieval and data insights.

Transition to Electronic

Government entities are hindered by their continued use of paper-based documentation, leading to inefficiencies like delayed responses, data inaccuracies, and compromised hybrid work environments.

To address these issues, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has enacted Memorandum M-23-07, compelling all U.S. federal agencies to transition to digital record-keeping promptly, a directive that reflects a global trend towards digitalization in government record management.

In response, agencies can adopt advanced AI-enhanced technologies and stringent cybersecurity measures. Utilizing Feith’s RMA iQ for Government offers a strategic pathway for these agencies to digitize and manage their records more securely and efficiently, aligning with the NARA mandate and improving operational effectiveness and data integrity across the board.

Benefit from Digital Transformation

Strategically digitize and administer public sector records, prioritizing security and adherence to compliance standards.

  • Automatically archive government records to retention schedules.
  • Rapidly access required information, irrespective of record type or format.
  • Use analytics tools to identify real-time patterns and enhance decision-making processes.
  • Utilize cloud-native, web-based applications to facilitate interoperability across various offices and agencies.
  • Ensure the security of digital records with advanced protection features.
  • Achieve immediate compliance with key standards (NARA UERM, DoDM 8180.01, Federal Records Act, etc.).

Why Agencies Choose Feith

Feith has an unparalleled commitment to enhancing federal operations with secure, compliant, and user-centric records and information management solutions.

Transformative Tools for Government

Records Management

Leverage precision-engineered Records Management to enhance federal accountability and ensure regulatory compliance with unparalleled data accessibility and integrity:

Feith’s RMA iQ offers a sophisticated Records Management system, necessary for federal agency accountability and transparency. It’s engineered to handle the nuanced demands of federal government, enhancing record accessibility and reliability.

RMA iQ aids in informed decision-making and upholds public trust, ensuring compliance while providing robust features for record lifecycle management, retention, and disposition in alignment with federal regulations.

Case Management

Optimize government workflows with our Case Management system, designed for streamlined operations, enhanced inter-departmental collaboration, and improved case outcome precision:

Our Case Management system is tailored for the intricate workflows of government agencies, facilitating document organization, process standardization, and stakeholder collaboration. It streamlines case progression, securing data while enhancing operational agility.

Feith’s Case Manager is instrumental in optimizing decision-making processes and response times for mission-critical activities, ensuring government agencies can operate with enhanced efficiency and precision.

Document Management

Adopt our advanced Document Management platform to secure, manage, and retrieve critical documents efficiently, fostering operational transparency and robust data governance.

In response to the digital era’s demands, our Document Management platform offers advanced capabilities to manage, retrieve, and secure documents through their entire lifecycle. It provides a centralized, secure environment for document storage, access, and collaboration, enhancing transparency and operational integrity.

By implementing this solution, agencies can safeguard sensitive information, comply with regulations, and facilitate a more interconnected and responsive government structure.


Implement our Declassification Processing solution to navigate complex security protocols with precision, ensuring meticulous adherence to national transparency and security standards:

Our Declassification Processing solution, Declassification iQ, aligns with national security and transparency objectives, adhering strictly to Executive Order 13526. It automates and monitors the declassification workflow, ensuring accuracy and accountability at every stage.

From initial assessment to final redaction and release, our system provides a traceable, compliant process that upholds security while promoting public access to declassified information.

Workflow Automation

Transform governmental procedures with our Workflow Process Automation, boosting productivity and operational agility for timely and effective mission accomplishment:

Our Workflow Process Automation tools expedite and refine government operational processes, eliminating bottlenecks and enhancing productivity.

By automating routine tasks, our solutions enable agencies to focus on strategic mission-centric activities, improving service delivery and operational responsiveness. 

FOIA Management

Improve your agency’s FOIA compliance with a solution that streamlines request processing, enhances transparency, and upholds the democratic principles of accessibility and accountability:

Our FOIA management solution underscores our dedication to transparency and accountability, crucial for democratic governance. It streamlines the FOIA request handling process, enhancing efficiency and compliance.

Feith’s FOIA Workbench provides an automated tracking system that logs and categorizes each request, offering real-time status updates to users. The platform includes advanced search capabilities that filter and retrieve relevant documents quickly, along with integrated redaction tools designed specifically for compliance with information privacy laws. This ensures efficient and secure handling of FOIA requests from receipt to resolution.

Physical Records

Integrate Physical Records Tracking into your records management strategy to seamlessly bridge digital and physical archives, ensuring accessibility and compliance in a digital-first era:

Addressing the hybrid nature of modern records management, our Physical Records Tracking system, Physical Records Center, integrates with electronic records management to offer a unified solution.

It simplifies the tracking, retrieval, and management of physical records, adapting to the digital transition while maintaining compliance and accessibility. This solution assists agencies in managing extensive record inventories, ensuring effective governance and historical preservation.

Email Compliance

Ensure your agency’s email communications are secure, compliant, and efficiently managed with our Email Compliance Archive, safeguarding one of your most vital communication channels:

Email remains an essential communication tool in government operations. Our Email Compliance Archive ensures that email management practices comply with federal standards, protecting against data breaches and loss.

It offers advanced capabilities for email capture, categorization, archiving, and retrieval, ensuring operational continuity and legal compliance. This solution safeguards communication integrity, supporting accountable and transparent government activities.

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