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Compliant Social Media

Federally-compliant Records Management for Social Media Traditional radio announcements, TV ads and print media, are increasingly expensive ways to reach out to the public.  Most agency budgets can’t afford those high-cost traditional outlets anymore.  Social media on the other hand, can be a powerful and inexpensive tool for engaging the public, to make announcements, and

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Feith in the Government Cloud: now available on AWS, through C2S and GovCloud

We are proud to have partnered with Amazon Web Services to offer Feith in the Cloud, our SaaS environment available with all the securityand functionality you expect from Feith Systems.  We have always provided a class-leading Enterprise Content, Document Imaging and Records Management platform designed with Government in mind.  And now, by implementing Feith for

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Universal ERM Requirements

The Universal ERM Requirements serve as a resource for agencies looking to use a technology solution to assist with managing their records. By referring to these guidelines, agencies can determine what ERM functions are critical, while also considering their personal needs and financial priorities. Agencies should refer to this document when they’re deciding on an

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So you’re an “acquired” Documentum customer?

So you’re an “acquired” Documentum customer? Documentum started in 1990, and quickly proved that it was a forward-looking company, a title it held for nearly two decades.  Several of the strategies Documentum developed helped to define the Document Management industry we have today. Unfortunately, through several aggressive venture capital rounds, an IPO, and multiple acquisitions,

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Are your Repositories ready for GDPR?

Protect Data with Feith’s GDPR-ready Platform In May 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect. Even though the EU established this law, the regulation applies to nations at a global level because of how integrated markets are with the EU. Data controllers need to make  sure they’re collecting and managing an

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NARA M-19-21 Deadline is Approaching

Preparing for the Transition to Electronic Records The US Government knew they needed to get a handle on the inefficiencies they experienced with paper records. Several factors influenced the decision to improve record management processes, including the business case need for electronic record keeping (ERK), and the alignment of ERK with the agency’s mission and

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