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NARA Expands Capstone Approach to Include Messaging Platforms

NARA Expands the Capstone Approach to Include Messaging Platforms

As the leader in Federal Records Management software, we at Feith Systems are excited to see the release of NARA Bulletin 2023-02, which expands upon the role-based approach for managing electronic messages, also known as Capstone. This approach, which was introduced in NARA Bulletin 2013-02, has been widely adopted by federal agencies and offers an alternative method for managing email records.

Under the role-based approach, the final disposition of records is determined by the role or position of the record creator or receiver. Records of high-level roles and positions are often scheduled as permanent for transfer to the National Archives, while the records of all other roles and positions may be scheduled for disposal as temporary records. This approach is now being expanded to include other types of electronic messages beyond email, as the use of additional electronic messaging platforms has grown in recent years.

The Capstone Approach

At Feith, we understand the importance of proper records management in the federal government, and that’s why our records management platform includes the ability to manage Capstone. Our platform includes features such as the ability to keep track of Capstone officials and automatically control Capstone records, making it easy for agencies to comply with NARA guidelines.

One of the key benefits of the role-based approach is that it allows for more efficient management of records, as agencies are able to prioritize the records of high-level officials for permanent retention. This is particularly important in the era of electronic communication, as the volume of messages exchanged can be overwhelming. By focusing on the records of key decision-makers and other officials, agencies can ensure that the most important information is properly preserved for future reference.

In addition to the role-based approach, NARA Bulletin 2023-02 also provides guidance on the definition of “electronic messages” and the record status of these messages. According to the bulletin, electronic messages are defined as electronic mail and other electronic messaging systems that are used for purposes of communicating between individuals. This definition includes texts, chats, and instant messages, as well as other types of electronic communication.

Importantly, the bulletin also reiterates existing policy that text messages and chat communications created or received in the course of agency business are likely federal records, and agencies must follow NARA-approved disposition authorities for these records. This means that agencies must begin capturing and preserving electronic messages that meet the definition of a federal record, in order to comply with NARA guidelines and the Electronic Message Preservation Act (EMPA) of 2021.

At Feith, we understand the challenges that agencies face when it comes to managing electronic records, and that’s why our platform includes tools and features specifically designed to make it easy for agencies to comply with NARA guidelines. With our platform, agencies can easily capture and preserve electronic messages, and can also use our Capstone management tools to ensure that records are properly classified and scheduled for disposal or retention.

In conclusion, NARA Bulletin 2023-02 is an important development for federal agencies, as it expands upon the role-based approach for managing electronic messages and provides guidance on the record status of these messages. At Feith Systems, we are committed to helping agencies navigate these complex issues, and our records management platform includes the tools and features needed to manage Capstone and ensure compliance with NARA guidelines.

Richard Long

Richard Long

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