Feith Systems Poised for FedRAMP Certification, Q2 2024

Fort Washington, PA, 09/19/23

Feith Systems is excited to announce its ongoing pursuit of the FedRAMP certification. This progression is set to equip Federal agencies with Feith’s state-of-the-art records management solution, which not only aligns with NARA’s UERM standards but also embraces the pinnacle of government-approved security measures. This commendable initiative receives support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Choosing Feith will ensure a streamlined transition to the cloud, shortening validation periods and placing agencies on a direct path to NARA compliance while complying with expanded cloud regulations.

Feith’s Electronic Records Management System (ERMS), endorsed by FedRAMP, offers twofold advantages tailored to records management:

  • Streamlined Cloud Migration for Records: Feith’s ERMS is uniquely tailored to meet federal records management standards, facilitating a smoother transition to cloud-based records storage. The system not only ensures compliance with federal mandates but also simplifies the verification processes.
  • Fortified Records Security: With the assurance of FedRAMP, Feith’s ERMS commits to stringent security measures essential for safeguarding sensitive records. This entails real-time surveillance of records, advanced encryption protocols, and prompt responses to any security breaches or incidents.

With a FedRAMP-secured ERMS deployed in the cloud, federal agencies are poised for an instantaneous transformation of their Records Program. Feith’s platform automates the records journey: from the moment they’re introduced into the system, records are centralized, categorized automatically, and managed from capture to disposition. This end-to-end management not only guarantees compliance but also optimizes operations, eliminating manual interventions and potential errors. Importantly, all these capabilities come out-of-the-box, ensuring a perfect alignment with NARA’s UERM, and positioning agencies at the forefront of records management best practices.

In pursuing the FedRAMP certification, Feith Systems cements its dedication to simplifying cloud transitions and NARA compliance. This venture signifies a secure, straightforward, and efficient path to records management excellence for Federal government agencies.

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