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FDA Partners with Feith Systems for FOIA Modernization

FDA Partners with Feith Systems for FOIA Modernization


Fort Washington, PA (October 20, 2023) –

Feith Systems is proud to announce that its industry-leading FOIA Workbench solution has been chosen by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as part of the agency’s continuous commitment to modernize its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) processes. This move is strategically aligned with the FDA’s Enterprise Modernization Action Plan (EMAP), focusing on a Common Operational Approach, that enhances business processes, solves cross-agency issues, and optimizes data use.

Since the establishment of the Freedom of Information Act in 1967, FDA has diligently adhered to FOIA compliance, ensuring that the public retains its fundamental right to request and access agency records. The FDA recently identified the need for a more powerful solution to manage the rising volume and complexity of FOIA requests from its stakeholders.

Driving FOIA Modernization at FDA:
Feith’s FOIA Workbench will be the engine driving the FDA’s new integrated FOIA process, focusing on:

  • Automation: Advanced features to automate critical tasks, including redaction, deduplication, and customizable workflow management.
  • Collaboration: Capabilities that facilitate communication both within the FDA and externally, ensuring efficient information sharing.
  • Integration: Connections with existing infrastructure, including databases and legacy software.
  • Scalability: Supporting hundreds of FDA specialists in many centers across the country managing thousands of FOIA requests annually.
  • Access: A unified interface for both internal and external users, streamlining FOIA request processing and submissions.

Dan Feith, President of Feith Systems, commented on this collaboration, stating, “We are both honored and excited to partner with the FDA on such a pivotal initiative. Our FOIA Workbench is the culmination of decades of dedication to creating innovative solutions. We fully understand the significance of the FDA’s mission, and we’re committed to delivering a tool that streamlines their processes, ensuring the public remains ‘in the know’ about their government.”

As this strategic overhaul progresses, both the public and vested FDA stakeholders can expect marked improvements in FOIA request responsiveness and overall experience.

About Feith Systems:
Since 1979, Feith Systems has been at the forefront of providing intuitive solutions for government agencies and organizations, ensuring information accessibility while maintaining security and compliance standards.

For more information, please visit feith.com or contact us at more-info@feith.com.

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