Enterprise Software for
Securely Storing Records
and Automating Processes

From creation to capture to deletion, the Feith platform manages the complete information lifecycle for your records, documents, legacy data, cases and tasks.

Entirely US-based, certified 5015.02 by the DoD

Photo courtesy of National Aeronautics and Space Administration

From the Fortune 500 to NASA, Feith helps organizations like yours modernize their world.

Records Management & Information Governance
Case Management & Process Tracking
Chat / Messaging Compliance Archive
Legacy System Integrations & APIs

This new release is packed with improvements, including awesome new user interfaces and great speed boosts so you can handle larger workloads than ever.  Join the Feith Community to keep up to date on the best version of Feith yet! 

Feith Systems
Enterprise Grade & Made in America

Department of Defense Certified

  • DoD 5015.02 - All chapters, including Classified and FOIA
  • Intelligence Community grade auditing and security

Secure Cloud Ready (IL 2 - 6)

  • Staff available for sensitive workloads
  • Important control and privacy features
  • ATO & STIG with Organizations like yours

What's happening at Feith?

Shannon Heim

Feith for Chat Records

Chat programs are a great way for people to collaborate at a distance, but they have some drawbacks.

You're in good company