Solutions for Healthcare

Exceptional technology. Extraordinary care.

As a healthcare organization, your number one priority has always been the welfare of your patients.  Support your medical staff working with patients every day by evolving to meet modern challenges.  With Feith’s healthcare solutions, you can secure your information and meet HIPAA compliance standards with ease rather than searching for critical patient information.

Improve Patient experiences

Use Feith's market leading workflow engine for faster processes, improving patient and stakeholder experiences.

Document Management

Your information, documents, files, and emails all stored in one location, easily searchable and actionable.​

HIPAA Compliant

Stay in compliance with rules, regulations, and internal and external policies, while protecting PII and PHI.

Feith allows you to centralize records, like patient files, in a single searchable repository, making it easier to find, control, secure, deliver, audit, and destroy those documents. 

Feith For Healthcare Organizations

Reduce paperwork and speed processes, by providing distributed access to patient documents and forms in the cloud.

Integrate with imaging and lab results for easy outreach, all available on a secure and easy to trace one stop repository.

Unify data and improve patient outcome rates, quality of care and support clinical processes.

Automate processes and structure approval steps, through Feith’s completely integrated Workflow engine. 

Process Improvement

Your company's ability to provide quality care quickly is largely decided by your ability to execute on business process improvements.

The Feith Platform is built for those kinds of improvements. With a fully-integrated workflow engine, Workflow IQ, you can build process workflows and automate processes. Automate manual processes with workflow.

HIPAA Compliant Collaboration

Lately in the field of medicine there is tremendous pressure to reduce costs while providing better care at the same time.

A collaborative system environment where users can effortlessly access information content can make a world of difference in healthcare. Patient decisions can be made faster and more accurately, resulting in better outcomes for those you care about most.

Capture and Control Many Document Types

  •  Accounts Payable
  •  Medical Records
  •  Lab Reports
  •  Imaging Results
  • Risk Management
  •  Explanation of Benefits
  •  Protected Health Information
  • Standard Forms
  •  Digital Care Coordination
  • Human Resources Records

Bridging data silos across the enterprise​

Large organizations need to take control of their knowledge repositories.  That means making sure that documents and data aren’t scattered around the organization, completely uncontrolled, and difficult to access.

Feith makes it easy to bring your systems together.  With a full suite of integration APIs and connectors, you can centralize your document repositories.  Now your content is secure, searchable, shareable, easy to distribute, and fully audited.