Task Manager

Mission-grade collaboration at agency scale

Feith Task Manager leverages modern technology to allow you to structure your organization’s efforts, managing the large number of responsibilities at your agency so that work is completed on time, correctly, and in the correct order.

With workforces in the tens of thousands, separated both geographically and organizationally, federal agencies have large volumes of tasks to track, delegate, and manage. If that task management is done on an ad-hoc basis in email or spreadsheets, work may fall behind, orders and instructions can be forgotten, and leadership will have limited insight into their department’s productivity.

Task Manager is a DoD 5015.02-certified COTS product, available On-Premises or on GovCloud, that gives agencies the tools they need to control the way work gets done.


  • Assign tasks to action officers or teams
  • Create templates of common tasks
  • Assign, track, and order work by urgency
  • Structure tasks sequentially or in-parallel
  • Create repeating tasks for regular responsibilities (weekly, monthly, annually) 
  • Assign duplicate tasks out to multiple groups simultaneously
  • Easily mark when tasks are completed


  • Track task milestones
  • Schedule notifications when tasks are due 
  • Share task status information to leadership
  • Delegate parts of tasks to SMEs
  • Track due dates and receive reminders
  • Control who can see what by permissions, classifications and markings
  • See a health check across the agency, or by business unit
  • Send external task requests to other agencies 

Collaboration for the agency

Team members need to be able to share information and communicate with each other to be productive.  With Task Managerorganizations waste fewer cycles on distributing and re-distributing information, asking for orders, requesting approvals, reminding staff of responsibilities, locating staff necessary to complete a task, and seeking responses. 

Team members can collaborate in one centralized place to: 

Visibility across the agency

This allows organizations to be more strategic about what gets done, and when it gets done, and promotes accountability across the organization. Feith’s Task Manager gives staff a visual workspace for the tasks they are responsible for, with sections for all upcoming due dates, current assignments, and a record of what’s been completed.

Feith gives leadership the technology to visually track workforce productivity:

DoD 5015.02-backed Task Management

At each step, Feith’s Task Management solution allows for transparent and trackable action delegation and related work milestones, with a full chain of custody of responsibility, driving accountability at each step of the process. With automated workflows to manage this process, each step in the process is fully auditable, defensible, secure, and ready for federally compliant Records Management.