FOIA & Privacy Act Tracking
Complete FOIA/PA Tracking & Processing

Feith provides tools to collaborate on FOIA and Privacy Act requests, process them, assemble documents, redact sensitive information, and even provides managers with powerful key performance indicator tracking dashboards and reports.

Feith for FOIA latest offering in three decades of secure, easy-to-use, and powerful solutions for government’s most challenging technical problems. Now, more than ever, you can help your organization be both responsive to citizen inquiry, and confident in the knowledge they’re using secure software from a respected, serious vendor.


Collection & Production

  • easy document collection
  • optical character recognition
  • full-text search engine
  • locate documents in any location
  • locate documents of any file-type
  • integrate with SharePoint
  • connect filesystems, and databases
  • secure collaboration in private-cloud
  • collect documents into a single case file
  • redact sensitive text, data and images
  • apply reason codes

Process & Automate

  • secure public-facing request form
  • requests feed into FOIA/PA processes
  • automatically notified
  • automated workflow
  • automating the minutiae of FOIA process
  • designation of work to do
  • comprehensive approval processes
  • letters and e-mail generation
  • deadline notifications
  • status updates
  • tweak and tailor FOIA workflow as needed

Many in the public sector have been understandably cautious about adopting new technologies. Yet, we’re hearing growing concern in the public sector that there is an approaching crisis where the tools in place no longer match the changing environment.

With datastores spread across numerous systems, e-mail servers, and document servers, is locating your organization’s data challenging? Have you found that collecting data, for each request, in a timely fashion is as arduous as ever? Are you concerned that systems built decades ago are not up to the security challenges of today?

We’re here to help you tackle these challenges, by providing you with tested twenty-first century solutions for twenty-first century problems.

Track and Report

  • detailed, complete and secure audit trail
  • oversight with key performance indicator dashboards
  • on-the-fly or regularly scheduled Crystal Reports generation
  • attach correspondences surrounding a request for later review, and record
  • individual or group status notifications at any point of the process, for any metric

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