FOIA Manager

Track, manage and structure your FOIA process

Feith’s FOIA Manager gives agencies the tools to streamline the end-to-end FOIA process either on-premises or in the cloud.  The COTS, low-code solution provides tools to intake FOIA requests, process them, collaborate, assemble documents, redact sensitive information, visualize analytics, and package to deliver well within the allotted timeframe.  Users only have to work in one location to complete every task within the FOIA lifecycle. 

FOIA Manager is our latest offering in four decades of secure, easy-to-use, and powerful solutions for government’s most challenging technical problems. Now, more than ever, you can help your organization be responsive to citizen inquiry, compliant with congressional requirements, and confident in the knowledge you’re using secure software from a respected, serious vendor.

Long-term Archive

Information can be trusted in the Feith's long-term Repository for its entire lifecycle.

Compliance Control

Stay in compliance with rules, regulations, and internal and external policies with Feith.

Enhance Security

DoDM 8180.01. Keep the right eyes on the right information and the wrong eyes out using Feith's security features.

Process Improvement

Use Feith's market leading workflow engine to help you process documents automatically and efficiently.

Features for mission success

Process Automation

Create automated workflows to manage repetitive tasks throughout the FOIA lifecycle. Route documents, notifications, and approvals without human intervention.

Centralized Structure

Manage FOIA requests in a Private, Single-Tenant environment. Collect, review, and package in the same system without sifting and sorting through siloed apps.

Connectors & Integration

Interface with federal, agency, and open-source data repositories using out-of-the-box APIs or create a connector with Feith’s low-code API builder.

Powerful search

Feith's search bar can find exact words or phrases in text, search by metadata, and save common searches. Find every record needed during Discovery via a single search bar.

Public Facing Portal

Collect requests through a secure and public facing request form. Or configure the solution for an external interface to facilitate customer FOIA request submissions.

Collaboration tools

Share files, work on the same cases folders together, send notifications, leave notes, and more. Administrators can task officers or groups directly from FOIA Manager.

Redaction Capabilities

“Burn in” box redactions, free-form shape redactions, and full-page redactions to remove sensitive information without utilizing external applications.

Security Controls

Enforce security from request to delivery through security-first tools such as Access controls, Authentication, Authorization, Encryption modules, and audit logs.

Records Management

DoD 5015.02 for FOIA and Classified. Manage FOIA records for their lifecycle. Capture, apply retention, follow record lifecycles, and disposition/transfer when the time comes.

Reports & Dashboards

Make informed decisions with the help of analytics tools like reports and dashboards. Monitor response activities, visualize KPI’s, and check the status of cases and processes.

Automate processes throughout the FOIA lifecycle

Request Submission

FOIA Manager automatically captures all submission data (requestor information, fees, waiver requests, expedited processing requests, declaration statements, methods of delivery for completed requests).

Case Creation

Regardless of whether the case was sparked by a workflow, webform, email, or manually by a case processor, FOIA Manager will generate a new FOIA case file and prep it for assignment.

Data Collection

After case creation, FOIA Manager collects all responsive documents found during discovery and places them in the case folder.  This includes contents from email, file shares, SharePoint, legacy systems, social media, and more.

Case Workflow & Collaboration

An advanced workflow module will automatically drive FOIA cases from point A to point Z.  FOIA clerical work is reduced tremendously with the help of automated status updates and analytics.

Redaction & Reason Codes

FOIA Manager will highlight and redact common items, including email addresses, SSN, EIN, IP addresses, and keywords or phrases. Templates are provided for redacting groups of documents.

Vaughn Index

FOIA Manager’s automated Vaughn Indexes describe sections of information that have been withheld and provide reasoning for the agency’s non-disclosure.  The solution can also draft a chronology of Case Actions.

Feith’s FOIA Manager is built with transparency as a core value.  Every step taken in the solution,  document contents and edits, dates, times, actions, decisions, outcomes, and more are all tracked by the system.  From the initial request, to collecting, to reviewing, and finally presenting deliverables to the requestor, everything is handled in one place.