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Welcome to Records Management University, a series of online courses dedicated to serving Records Management professionals, soon to enter its eighth semester. Why should you register? Just ask any of over 6,000 RM & IG professionals, just like you, who have already joined us!


  • When: Starting back Sept 25th
  • Where: Online
  • Cost: FREE
  • Credits: CRM: 5 credits
  • Instructor: Mitch Farbstein, Dean of RMU


Mitch_F_RMU_LibraryLet RMU Dean of Records Management, Mitch Farbstein, lead you through this educational, informational, and fun webinar course. We will spotlight the latest news, innovations, theory and concepts, critical industry issues, best practices, tips and tricks, how-to’s, and new advances in technology in Records Management. This is for everyone, experts and novices alike. Each of the 5 classes will focus on a different critical topic and last an hour.

Attention Records Managers: Each RMU session is pre-approved for 1 CRM Certification Maintenance Credit (CMP) from the Institute of Certified Records Managers up to 5 CRM credits (one for each class).

Fall 2018 Semester

RMU recognizes, for records managers, that the highest level of consciousness and self-actualization one can achieve is implementing the perfect records management solution! For this eighth semester of Records Management University we will focus on defining the ideal solution that will allow you to achieve this lofty goal of perfection. WARNING!! This ultimate (and theoretical) records journey transcends budget and organizational authority. So beware, this transcendental and mind-bending 8th semester is not for the timid and weak of heart. RMU takes no responsibility for any mental discombobulation that this journey may cause.

As in the past, your guide and shaman for this 8th semester of RMU will be the always enlightening and entertaining Dean Mitch. And, as in the past, Dean Mitch will be accompanied by his trusty Sherpa, Kris Pettie, Dean of Admissions.

Class 1: Paradise Lost (and Found) September 25, 2018

In this class we begin to assess the environment in which we must implement the perfect solution.

Topics include:

  • Infrastructure (cloud to cloud vs on premises and hybrids)
  • Security
  • Targeted record Inventory
  • PII and ROT management
  • Conversion
  • Volume capture & management


Class 2: Shangri-La on the Horizon October 9, 2018

This class will focus on processing and labeling the captured content within governing rules.

Topics include:

  • Port of entry (ECM SharePoint, file shares, Exchange)
  • Standards and controls: NARA, DOD 5015, MoReq, Information Governance determinations
  • File Plans and record schedules
  • Auto-Categorization
  • Meta-tagging
  • Encryption
  • Manage In Place


Class 3: Stairway to Heaven October 30, 2018

We will take the appropriate steps to realize the greatest value of the assets that are being managed.

Topics include:

  • BPM (Business Process Management AKA, Workflow)
  • User interface (the good the bad and the ugly)
  • Managing and processing record requests
  • Auditing user and content activity
  • Reports


Class 4: Reaching the Promised Land November 13, 2018

So, now that I reached the sacred ground, what else should I consider?

Topics include:

  • Physical records
  • Social media
  • Declassification
  • FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)
  • Privacy Act


Class 5: Utopia Realized December 4, 2018

This class takes us to the end of this semester’s journey and we must now consider shedding the assets that have limited value but potential organizational cost and risk exposure.

Topics include:

  • Export and end of life strategy
  • Searching and eDiscovery
  • Disposition, Transfer and Export
  • Achieving the Holistic Records Management Solution and personal Nirvana

The content of each session is subject to change.



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