Solutions for Legal Departments

Powerful Solutions From Boardroom to Courtroom​

Managing litigation data and the legal preservation process in house can be challenging.  With the Feith’s legal solutions, precious time, money and energy are saved.  For a legal departments to modernize, massive amounts of data need to come under control, all while minimizing cost and risk.  That data then needs to be converted into usable, institutional knowledge as insight is gained. 

Manage Legal Content

Your information, documents, files, and emails all stored in one location, easily searchable and actionable.​​

Lead Compliance Initiatives

Stay in compliance with rules, regulations, and internal and external policies with Feith.​

Prioritize Security

Security-first, whether on-premises or secure cloud storage. Encrypted, and protected with RBAC and full audit controls.

Feith allows you to centralize records, like litigation files, in a single searchable repository, making it easier to find, control, secure, deliver, audit, and destroy those documents. 

Document Management for Legal Departments​

Save time and energy by using metadata and full-text filtering in support of general searching and eDiscovery with Feith’s FAST File Cabinets.

Reduce risk of insider threats through Role Based Access Controls (RBAC), Attribute Based Access Controls (ABAC) and security alerts.

Create, track, collaborate and manage cases in Feith’s Case Manager.  Build redacted versions and workflow the collected documents.

With Feith SDK, allow your developers to create new apps based on pre-built security schemes and data architectures, using standard Javascript frameworks.

Perform searches on massive data sets while locating information quickly and accurately.

Automate processes and structure approval steps, through Feith’s completely integrated Workflow engine. 

Process improvement​

Your organization’s ability to outpace competitors is largely decided by your ability to execute on business process improvements.

With a fully-integrated workflow engine, Workflow IQ, you can build process workflows and automate processes.
Automate manual processes with workflow.

Additionally, improvement is not just how much you can automate, but also how much you know about what you didn’t yet automate. That’s why Feith includes a complete live dashboarding and reporting system, Dashboard IQ, so you can make great decisions from critical information.

Reduce cyber risk​

Security breaches are so common lately that there is a new mantra in cybersecurity today. It’s “when, not if,” a legal organization will suffer a breach.

To remain competitive, a legal organization will have to take this into consideration as well as their usual tasks of managing massive amounts of data.

A legal organization that actively uses the Feith Platform can unite all aspects of eDiscovery while simultaneously placing everything within a secure, easy to use digital repository. This provides them with greater insight to produce a better quality of legal service for their customers.

Capture and control many document types​

  •  eDiscovery Collections
  •  Electronically Stored Information (ESI)
  •  Confidential Data
  • Critical Records
  •  Contracts
  •  License Data
  • HR Data
  • Business Records

Bridging data silos across the enterprise​

Organizations need to take control of their knowledge repositories.  That means making sure that documents and data aren’t scattered around the organization, completely uncontrolled, and difficult to access.

Feith makes it easy to bring your systems together.  With a full suite of integration APIs and connectors, you can centralize your document repositories.  Now your content is secure, searchable, shareable, easy to distribute, and fully audited.