Records Management

Feith’s RMA iQ is an enterprise software solution that enables businesses to manage their electronic records in a more efficient and compliant manner. The software provides a comprehensive records management solution that helps businesses to better control and govern their electronic records. Additionally, the software includes powerful tools for managing email, SharePoint, file systems, and other unstructured data.

Manage the complete lifecycle of your organization’s electronic records with Feith’s RMA iQ. The software provides a complete solution for capturing, managing, and governing your records. The intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools make it simple to get started. You’ll be able to quickly add users, set up security, and begin managing your records.

RMA iQ Benefits

  • Efficiently manage and govern records
  • Control and automate record retention
  • Improve compliance with regulations
  • Facilitate quicker access to information
  • Reduce storage costs of records

Certified Platform

Feith is fully Department of Defense certified by DISA/JITC.  The platform is also DoDM 8180.01 compliant. 

Feith remains on the the cutting-edge in Security and Compliance. Feith is your honored solution for records management processes — you may not be required to be DoD secure, but it’s comforting to know you are. The software’s  dashboards provide real-time visibility into your organization’s records posture. You’ll be able to see the status of your records program, have a birds eye view of the record lifecycle, and get insight into what actions need to improve your electronic record program.

RMA IQ simplicity: why it works

  • Manage paper & electronic records.
  • Categorize by status in a workflow.
  • Schedule when to destroy a record.
  • Make any type of record searchable.
  • Set legal-holds to prevent deletion.
  • Track users and their actions.

A leader in the Records  Management industry, Feith’s RMA iQ software is used by organizations of all sizes to manage their electronic records. The software helps businesses to meet compliance requirements, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs. 

46% of organizations surveyed reported considerable financial impact, from fines, damages and costs, due to inadequate records disposition.

AIIM, Survey on Information Governance – records, risks and retention

In a nutshell

  • Time and event-driven retention
  • Auto-categorization of any content
  • Search documents by content
  • Tailored interfaces to your users
  • Seamless SharePoint integration
  • Real-time KPI Dashboards reporting
  • Federated content searches
  • Robust access privilege system

Records Workflow

The software’s workflow engine enables you to automate your records management processes. You’ll be able to define rules and conditions that trigger specific actions, such as sending notifications or routing records to specific users. The workflow engine ensures that your records are managed in a consistent and compliant manner, and reduces clerical work by users.

Feith’s RMA iQ is the only DoDM 8180.01 compliant records management solution that offers a truly complete suite of tools for managing email, SharePoint, file systems, and other unstructured data. The software’s powerful data import and export capabilities make it easy to migrate your records to Feith’s RMA iQ. Reach out to our team to learn more about how Feith’s RMA iQ can help you manage your electronic records.

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