Email Records Management

Make email content manageable

Email is a critical part of the way government does business, and it is important to have a system in place that can control email records according to rules and regulations. Government agencies can use the Feith platform to retain and manage email records just like they do with electronic documents. Feith provides a complete email records management solution that can help organizations to control, discover, and secure their email content.

Capture & Archive

Automatically capture, organize, and store email as records.

Automate Retention

Simply upload agency retention schedules and apply them to email content.

Classify & Categorize

Feith looks at the content, metadata of the email and attachments to auto-categorize.

Search Globally

Feith has a powerful, efficient search-and-document production engine.

Assisting agencies with email records management

The platform ingests email files with attachments and categorizes them automatically. This helps agencies set retention rules for emails and automate deletion and makes it easy to search for email content. With the Feith platform, agencies can:

Control & Manage Emails

The Feith platform provides a way to control email content to improve efficiency and compliance. With the Feith, agencies can index, search, and manage email content in a secure repository.

Archive & Manage Encrypted Email

The Feith platform is able to decrypt encrypted email by integrating with the agency keystore.  Feith will control encrypted email in the repository to ensure only the right staff have access.

Monitor for Inappropriate Emails

Feith uses keyword monitoring to notify staff when specific words have been used in email.  Agencies can identify email records that may be relevant to business rules or violate policies.

Regulatory Compliance Support

Feith comes out of the box with the tools to make email records compliant with the Federal Records Act, NARA UERM, DoDM 8180.01, and your agency’s retention policies.

Digitally Fingerprint Email

The Feith platform creates a digital fingerprint for each email to guarantee the integrity of the record.  This locks in the information and prevents email records from being tampered with.

Track with Audit Logging

Feith’s tools for audit logging make it easy to keep track of actions taken on email records.  E.g., the system keeps a list of which users accessed emails in the archive, and when they did it.

Capstone email management

Feith supports an Automated Capstone Approach to offer agencies the option of using a more simplified approach to managing email. Agencies can use this approach to categorize and plan email based on the work and position of the person who owns the email account.  This makes it easier to keep track of email and make sure that it is being used in the most efficient way possible.

Three major benefits of using the Capstone Approach


It is simpler than ad hoc methods of managing email.


It is fully automated, which means that there is less work for you.


It is approved and supported by the
US National Archives.

A centralized platform to control email records

Email is an important form of communication, and it is critical to retain email records in order to be better records management practices. By categorizing, storing, and managing the lifecycle of email records with the Feith Platform, you can ensure that your organization is able to manage its email records in a more efficient and effective manner.

Intelligent categorization

Given the large number of emails generated each day, classifying email messages as records is challenging. Each email must be evaluated against record declaration and categorization criteria. Evaluations can be done manually by users or automatically via computers. Feith’s Auto-Categorizer solves the problem of data-overload by using automated text categorization.

The Auto-Categorizer tool looks at the content and metadata of an email including attachments to determine the record category. The email record's category is then used to determine how long to retain the record and where to store it.

Retention & Disposition

The Feith Platform offers the ability to set retention rules and automate deletion. Retention rules can be set to delete emails after a certain period of time. This allows organizations to automatically delete emails that are no longer needed, freeing up space in their email server. Automating deletion can also help to prevent email records from being accidentally deleted.

Agencies and organizations can use the Feith Platform to manage their email records in a variety of ways. They can set retention rules to automatically delete email records after their lifecycle is complete. They can also choose to retain only the emails needed to recover from accidental deletion, ransomware, or other disasters.

Managing an entire agency’s email as records can be challenging because of the large volume that is sent and received on a daily basis. The Feith Platform helps government agencies to manage their email records by providing a central repository for all email messages that can scale to millions of email a day. The platform also provides tools for managing email messages, such as tagging, searching, and archiving that operate at enterprise throughput. Feith is an affordable way for government agencies to control email records.