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Email Records Management

Archiving simplicity

  • Support intelligent record categorization and classification.
  • Support for decrypting, archiving, and managing encrypted email.
  • Every email is assigned a ‘digital fingerprint’, locking its information.
  • Optional “Watch-For” keywords to keep tabs on your organization.
  • Track, access, and search messages and actions with audit logging.
  • Comply with the Federal Records Act requirements for Electronic Messages.
  • System is fully-compliant with the NARA UERM and DoD 5015.02 specifications.

Email categorization

The toughest part of Records Management is the identification, declaration, and categorization of a Record. Given the large volume of emails created on a daily basis, Email Records Management is particularly tricky.

Email must be evaluated against the Record declaration and categorization criteria. This evaluation may either happen through automated means or individually by users. Feith makes both types of categorization significantly easier.

Using advanced statistical modeling to read and categorize Email automatically, Auto-Categorizer solves the problem of data overload by leveraging the power of automated text categorization. Your Email, along with their associated attachments and metadata, are de-duplicated, evaluated, categorized and processed all without human intervention.

If identification, declaration, and categorization on a wholesale level is not in the cards, the Records Management responsibility falls to users. Feith RMA IQ provides the tools that make the process of identifying and preserving Emails as easy as possible. Feith RMA IQ provides a quick and efficient means to declare and categorize your emails.

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With the advanced functionality offered by RMA IQ, Agencies can comply with the Records Management laws and directives, including Capstone. Employing RMA IQ in the CapstonePlus configuration, Emails from Senior Executive Service (SES) users, General Officers (GO), and other key staff members can be collected and categorized while culling out non-permanent and non-Records.

Through the use of “White Lists”, a Records Management Taxonomy, and a trainable Records Management solution, Agencies can preclude personal, private, non-Records from becoming permanent Records to be transferred to the National Archives.

Identification of non-permanent Records and non-Records is accomplished through the configuration of selection rules (taxonomy), a list of addressees who would typically not send or receive permanent Record Emails, such as, a spouse or automated Email notifications.

Conducive to discovery

  • A powerful, efficient search-and-document production engine.
  • Filter results through full-text search and analysis capabilities.
  • Effortless compliance with e-discovery and court orders.
  • Retain, manage, and dispose of communications as regulated.
  • Ensure record integrity and prevent tampering with digital fingerprint.

Your database of record

The requirement to preserve emails as Records is made more difficult due to the ever-present limits on Email box size and rules on how long Emails may live in an inbox before they are automatically deleted.

These size and time limits are an ever present peril to records managers. If the box gets too full or if Emails remain past an arbitrary date, progress stops and Records are lost. Properly journaling, or saving, Emails to a database of record solves this problem – the Feith platform supports journaling Exchange, Gmail, iMail, Exim, Sendmail, Postfix, MailEnable, and any email server which provides auto-BCC functionality.