Enterprise Modernization

Modernize your corporate IT

A digitalized, efficient system for storing and routing your documents and information can help remake the way your company does business.  Whether you’re a mid-sized or large enterprise, Feith’s customizable software solution will allow you to manage your files across all departments in an organized and user-friendly way.

Streamline Processes

Use Feith's market leading workflow engine to help you process documents efficiently.

Gain Insights On Operations

With Feith's dashboards and reports, you get a real-time view into the critical data needed to make crucial decisions.

Centralized Document Storage

Your information, documents, files, and emails all stored in one location, easily searchable and actionable.

Increase compliance

Stay in compliance with rules, regulations, and internal and external policies with Feith.

Improve My Team's Efficiency

Collaboration is easy in Feith. Share documents, leave notes and notifications, edit documents together and more.


Modernize the way your organization does business! Finish projects faster, lower costs, and eliminate human error.

Efficiency made point-and-click

Feith delivers the most versatile, user-friendly Enterprise Modernization and Content Services software in one integrated platform. Now you can automate and manage critical business processes, without draining your IT resources and without falling back on expensive programmers.

Its flexible design means that even the most complex processes are easily tamed.  Your administrators will be able to govern your information, structure processes, analyze data, and assign work, all on the fly.

Enjoy seamless connectivity between your systems, processes, and content. Feith bridges the divide between users and the information they need.

A Purely Digital Workflow ​

An evolving marketplace requires a Content Services system that can evolve quickly and seamlessly. The core of everything we do is integrated into the Feith platform: powerful, agile, and versatile process improvement software.

Bringing it all together: document management, web forms, legacy data capture, APIs, and comprehensive security controls, with time-and-event-driven workflow and ironclad records management.

No matter how intricate or complex the solutions you need, the platform provides the tools your people and your organization need to manage the day-to-day at scale.

Across databases and existing legacy and line-of-business systems, the system integrates with the way you already do business.

Feith is agile, built to grow, and integrates with your legacy applications.

Security at Scale

Feith takes our clients’ security seriously. From decades serving Fortune 500 and the US Federal Government, we know that cyber is a battle ground.  Whether it’s from state actors or corporate espionage, your enterprise information is safe with us. 

Ensure the integrity and safety of sensitive data. Right down to the object, file, and individual user level, the solution is replete with military-grade ABAC and RBAC security systems.  With Feith, encryption comes standard, at rest and in transit.

Low-code Process Improvement

Unmatched ease of management, automation, and reporting of your critical business processes. With Feith you can build workflows, route objects, redistribute user tasks, and more. Create vibrant applications without any programming knowledge, without involving busy IT Departments or expensive contractors.

Feith streamlines your Enterprise, translating into company-wide productivity and savings.

I really appreciate the extra effort to give us this solution with the final touches that I feel make the flow more understandable and cleaner. I really like the solution… it's saving a lot of time.

Empower Your End-Users