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Secure Declassification
secure declassification

Declassification and Document Sanitization departments are regularly under-resourced and under-staffed. Making matters worse, the processes, software, and tools currently deployed in most agencies are too manpower intensive for the current staffing levels. These departments need to utilize modern tools that can help use these limited resources to their full ability, by allowing them to work quickly and efficiently. Improved search tools and tailorable workflows will keep your limited subject matter experts operating steadily and in an organized way, reducing fatigue.

Feith’s Declassification Review, and Sanitization (DRS) Solution of government records comes complete with the robust access controls you need; by classification level, nationality, markings, and more. Trusted by those you trust, Feith comes packaged with a Department of Defense 5015.02 Certified Records Management application.

DRS comes integrated with a robust workflow engine, enabling users to rapidly replicate their internal process and track processes in the system. This includes the capability for managers to assign documents to declassification analysts, and track their progress. From secrecy sanitization, anonymization, through declassification, Feith’s DRS will keep your Declassification group operating efficiently. With project managers and support staff experienced working in sensitive DoD and Intelligence Community environments, you’ll receive the implementation, maintenance, training, and support services you need for success.

Using Feith’s DRS

  • Gain actionable insight via intuitive, real-time dashboards and analytics.
  • Standard and customizable audit reports, with detailed metric data
  • Produce final pdfs suitable for publication or dissemination under subpoena.
  • Analyst review and approval workflows, with validation and verification
  • Automatic Boolean and Bayesian document categorization
  • Easily find typos and routinely misspelled words (e.g. foreign names)
  • Search and highlight hits across all text, including in email attachments and images
  • Batch and high-speed scanning, with automatic indexing, OCR, and de-duplication
  • TIFF, PDF, DOC, DOCX, GIF, JPEG, EML, PPT, XLS, and more
  • Sophisticated security access levels and permissions
  • Universal digital content output mechanism for common format exporting
  • Robust Declassification Dashboards and Reporting
Feith’s DRS includes our robust, secure redaction tools to support the release of information while ensuring you release the appropriate information. DRS features non-reversible redaction tools including:
  • Polygon & rectangle redactions 
  • Assign exemption codes
  • Full page redactions
  • Free form redactions
  • Full pixel replacement, for defensible record redactions
It also provides tools to automate the redaction process, completing the time consuming tasks for you. DRS can automatically find and redact sensitive PII, such as email addresses, SSN, EIN, IP addresses, or any key words or phrases you choose. 

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Dangers of legacy declassification

  •  Fall out of compliance with FOIA/PA, HIPPA, and the Openness in Government Act
  • Improper or reversible electronic redactions leading to leakage
  • Loss of audit information, loss of original metadata, from historical record
  • Resource intensive Print, Redact & Scan processes
  • Incomplete access and edit controls
  • Difficult to capture process productivity metrics