Legacy Systems & APIs

Convert from expensive, outdated systems easily

Feith includes powerful technology for connecting to external systems.  This makes us a popular option for companies and agencies looking to sunset expensive or outdated software like Alfresco, Documentum and FileNet.

Feith will also integrate with your day-forward systems — quickly and easily capture records from line-of-business software and SaaS solutions, through a full suite of enterprise-grade connectors and integration points:

Where are your records from?​

  • Documentum
  • ServiceNow
  • OpenText
  • Alfresco
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Network drives
  • Legacy applications
  • Mainframes
  • SalesForce
  • Taleo
  • ADP Suite
  • Box for Enterprise
  • SQL Databases
  • Identity Providers
  • Twitter
  • Laserfiche
  • OmniRIM
  • DocuSign
  • Adobe EchoSign
  • Oracle e-Business Suite
  • Slack
  • SAP
  • successfactors
  • PeopleSoft
  • File shares
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft 365
  • Arc GIS
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Mail Servers
  • Zoom

40 Years of Integrations​

We have a large library of existing connectors for the bulk of integrations a client will need.  From there we connect with Feith to bring your content under control, apply record categories, or start an approval workflow.

For less common applications, we will manually make a connection through an API or database, working with your team to identify what data to capture.  In rare cases, for very old or obscure software, we will work directly with the original vendor to connect to the software.

Our extensible suite allows Feith to rapidly and reliably develop tailored and integrated solutions, while building on technologies already proven at many of the world’s largest organizations. We don’t develop from scratch, so your critical systems integration project will get done on-budget and on-time, while benefiting from decades of customer-community expertise.