Feith Developer Bootcamp 2024

Feith Developer Bootcamp 2024

Get more out of your investment

The Feith Developer Bootcamp is a two-day training event made specifically for customers of Feith Systems and Software, Inc. This bootcamp serves as a crucial platform for developers, system administrators, and IT professionals who use Feith’s technology to deepen their understanding and enhance their skills in developing and managing Feith applications.

September 10-11

Feith Developer Bootcamp will take place on September 10-11, with a schedule packed full of technical workshops, training sessions, product demonstrations, in-depth discussions, and more.


We are thrilled to host Feith Developer Bootcamp at the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia PA and provide our attendees with an unparalleled training experience in this iconic venue.

In-Depth Technical Training

Attendees will gain hands-on experience and essential knowledge to optimize their organizations’ operations through detailed sessions on system customization, automation, and integration.

Purpose and Value

The primary goal of this bootcamp is to empower attendees with the skills and insights needed to fully leverage Feith’s software capabilities. The training will offer an in-depth exploration of the software’s architecture, advanced features, and customization options. Participants will learn how to optimize workflows, enhance system performance, and develop tailored solutions to meet specific organizational needs. This event serves as an invaluable professional development opportunity, helping attendees to:

  • Automate critical aspects of document management
  • Gain the skills to build powerful automated workflows
  • Learn to create and manage cases, no matter the complexity
  • Develop the ability to build custom dashboards and reports

Curriculum and Activities

The bootcamp covers a wide range of topics, starting with a thorough overview of the Feith platform’s core functionalities. Sessions include hands-on training on how to customize interfaces, automate processes, and integrate the Feith platform with other tools and platforms. The curriculum will tackle both basic and advanced concepts, making it suitable for attendees with varying levels of experience with Feith’s software. Key activities during the bootcamp include:

Interactive Workshops: These sessions allow participants to work directly with Feith’s tools under the guidance of experienced instructors. They focus on practical applications such as creating custom forms, automating document capture, and implementing security protocols.

Case Studies: Our developers will demonstrate how Feith’s software has been used to solve real-world organizational challenges. This not only helps in understanding the software’s potential but also inspires innovative approaches to problem-solving.

Networking Opportunities: Participants get to interact with other Feith users and professionals, which is an excellent way for attendees to share experiences, solutions, and best practices.

Learn from Expert Instructors

The instructors are not only seasoned professionals with deep expertise in Feith solutions and software development, but they also include some of the original architects behind the software itself. These experts bring firsthand knowledge of both the foundational and advanced aspects of managing enterprise content.

Their unique insights are particularly invaluable as they provide participants with a real-world perspective that significantly enriches the learning experience. Attendees will interact directly with these creators, gaining unparalleled access to the minds that have shaped the very tools they use, enhancing both understanding and practical application.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Feith Developer Bootcamp is a two-day intensive training event designed for developers, system administrators, and IT professionals who use Feith’s technology to enhance their understanding and skills in developing and managing Feith applications.

The registration fee for the Feith Developer Bootcamp is $250 per person.  Talk with your account manager about potential group discounts.

The event will take place on September 10th and 11th, 2024 at the Pyramid Club’s William Penn Room in Philadelphia, PA.  The reception will be held on the evening prior, September 9th.  

The Pyramid Club is located at 1735 Market St 52nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103

This bootcamp is ideal for IT professionals, developers, and system administrators who are currently using or plan to use the Feith platform and want to maximize their technical skills and the technology’s capabilities.

While there are no strict prerequisites, having a basic understanding of the Feith platform or experience in document management and workflow systems will help attendees maximize their learning experience.

The Bootcamp’s schedule, including session times and locations, will be announced closer to the event date. It will be available on this webpage.

Yes.  Breakfast, lunch, and refreshments will be provided on both days.

Attendees should bring a laptop to participate in hands-on sessions, along with any necessary chargers and accessories. Note-taking materials are also recommended.

If you have any questions or need to talk to a member of the Feith team, please reach out to sheim@feith.com.