Feith Systems Supports the Passage of the Strengthening Oversight of Federal Records Act 

Embracing Modern Technology to Enhance Transparency 

The digital age has transformed how information is created, stored, and accessed. SOFRA acknowledges these shifts by including provisions to update the Federal Records Act (FRA) to incorporate electronic communications, such as text messages and disappearing messaging apps. At Feith Systems, we understand that the incorporation of these forms of communication is essential for a truly comprehensive records management system that reflects current practices. 

Ensuring Accountability and Compliance 

The bill also aims to strengthen the accountability mechanisms in place for managing federal records. By requiring the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to refer violations of records laws to the Department of Justice and report these to Congress, SOFRA creates a more robust framework for compliance. 

The Role of Emerging Technologies 

Perhaps most exciting for us at Feith Systems is the bill’s focus on utilizing emerging technologies to manage records more efficiently. The formation of an advisory committee to explore these technologies is a forward-thinking move that we endorse fully. Our extensive experience in the sector demonstrates that leveraging new technologies can significantly enhance the efficiency and accessibility of records management systems, paving the way for better public access and usability of government records. 

A Unified Approach to Governance 

Feith Systems stands with the bipartisan efforts of Senators Peters and Cornyn. We believe that the Strengthening Oversight of Federal Records Act is not only timely but essential. It aligns with our vision of a government that uses cutting-edge technology to preserve the integrity of its records and, by extension, the trust of its people. We urge all stakeholders to support this bill and join us in embracing the future of government transparency and accountability. Together, we can ensure that our national records are not just preserved but are made actively useful for all Americans, serving as a beacon of governance that is both responsible and responsive. 

At Feith Systems, we are ready to assist in implementing the changes proposed by SOFRA, ensuring that our government’s records management practices are second to none. Let’s make history well-preserved and easily accessible for generations to come. 

Feith Systems Recognized with 2023 HIRE Vets Platinum Award by DOL

Being at the nexus of government and technology, our work demands expertise. Who better to entrust with these critical responsibilities than our veterans? Many of our solutions cater directly to government agencies, requiring a deep understanding of federal protocols, security standards, and operational intricacies. Our veteran employees, with their firsthand experience in these areas, bring insights that make our solutions better.

Mark Your Calendars for a Virtual Ceremony

On November 8th, the official award date, we will be participating in a virtual ceremony celebrating the occasion.

To the U.S. Department of Labor, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for this recognition. To our veteran employees, thank you for your service to our nation and your invaluable contributions to Feith Systems.  And to our esteemed partners, clients, and the broader community, know that as we continue to innovate and drive forward, we do so with a team that embodies dedication, expertise, and the very best our nation has to offer.

FDA Partners with Feith Systems for FOIA Modernization


Fort Washington, PA (October 20, 2023) –

Feith Systems is proud to announce that its industry-leading FOIA Workbench solution has been chosen by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as part of the agency’s continuous commitment to modernize its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) processes. This move is strategically aligned with the FDA’s Enterprise Modernization Action Plan (EMAP), focusing on a Common Operational Approach, that enhances business processes, solves cross-agency issues, and optimizes data use.

Since the establishment of the Freedom of Information Act in 1967, FDA has diligently adhered to FOIA compliance, ensuring that the public retains its fundamental right to request and access agency records. The FDA recently identified the need for a more powerful solution to manage the rising volume and complexity of FOIA requests from its stakeholders.

Driving FOIA Modernization at FDA:
Feith’s FOIA Workbench will be the engine driving the FDA’s new integrated FOIA process, focusing on:

  • Automation: Advanced features to automate critical tasks, including redaction, deduplication, and customizable workflow management.
  • Collaboration: Capabilities that facilitate communication both within the FDA and externally, ensuring efficient information sharing.
  • Integration: Connections with existing infrastructure, including databases and legacy software.
  • Scalability: Supporting hundreds of FDA specialists in many centers across the country managing thousands of FOIA requests annually.
  • Access: A unified interface for both internal and external users, streamlining FOIA request processing and submissions.

Dan Feith, President of Feith Systems, commented on this collaboration, stating, “We are both honored and excited to partner with the FDA on such a pivotal initiative. Our FOIA Workbench is the culmination of decades of dedication to creating innovative solutions. We fully understand the significance of the FDA’s mission, and we’re committed to delivering a tool that streamlines their processes, ensuring the public remains ‘in the know’ about their government.”

As this strategic overhaul progresses, both the public and vested FDA stakeholders can expect marked improvements in FOIA request responsiveness and overall experience.

About Feith Systems:
Since 1979, Feith Systems has been at the forefront of providing intuitive solutions for government agencies and organizations, ensuring information accessibility while maintaining security and compliance standards.

For more information, please visit feith.com or contact us at more-info@feith.com.

Press Contact:
Richard Long
Feith Systems & Software
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Feith Selected by NOAA for Records Transformation​


Fort Washington, PA (October 3, 2023) – Feith Systems & Software, globally renowned in advanced Records Management solutions, proudly announces its pivotal partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The esteemed agency has selected the RMA iQ platform as the definitive electronic records management (ERM) tool for its Records Management Program.

“As agencies like NOAA handle more extensive volumes of records, streamlining access to this critical information becomes paramount. Feith is honored to assist NOAA in support of their records management program.” stated Frank Magin, VP, Federal Accounts, Feith Systems & Software.

NOAA sought an ERM tool that seamlessly merges records management and document management functionalities. Feith’s RMA iQ platform aligns with this requirement, aiming to standardize ERM software use across NOAA and associated external entities.

NOAA, a central authority overseeing oceanic, atmospheric research, and significant waterway management, stewards a vast compilation of records. This data encompasses diverse formats such as textual content, electronic mails, audio-visual recordings, satellite imagery, social media posts, web content, text messages, maps, and even blueprints.

By implementing the RMA iQ system, NOAA can manage these multifaceted records under one unified framework. The system is poised to drastically elevate operational efficacy, assuring NOAA’s personnel streamlined and secure access to this indispensable information.

The platform will drive compliance with federal laws and standards, including:

  • The Federal Records Act (FRA)
  • NARA’s Universal ERM Requirements
  • M-23-07: Transition to Electronic Records
  • ISO 15489

Dan Feith, President of Feith Systems & Software remarked on the news, “It’s a privilege to collaborate with an esteemed agency like NOAA. The selection of our RMA iQ platform reiterates its ability to address the multifaceted demands of the government. We remain steadfast in our commitment to equipping NOAA with a premier solution to meet their Records Management Program goals.”

About Feith Systems & Software

Established in 1979, Feith Systems & Software, Inc. is the leading provider of Records Management Applications to the US Federal Government. Feith’s solutions allow organizations to manage a wide variety of physical and digital records, enhance business operations, and ensure regulatory compliance.

For more information, please visit feith.com or contact us at more-info@feith.com.

Press Contact:
Richard Long
Feith Systems & Software
(267) 464-6416

Feith Systems Poised for FedRAMP Certification, Q3 2024

Feith Systems is excited to announce its ongoing pursuit of the FedRAMP certification. This progression is set to equip Federal agencies with Feith’s state-of-the-art records management solution, which not only aligns with NARA’s UERM standards but also embraces the pinnacle of government-approved security measures. This commendable initiative receives support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Choosing Feith will ensure a streamlined transition to the cloud, shortening validation periods and placing agencies on a direct path to NARA compliance while complying with expanded cloud regulations.

Feith’s Electronic Records Management System (ERMS), endorsed by FedRAMP, offers twofold advantages tailored to records management:

  • Streamlined Cloud Migration for Records: Feith’s ERMS is uniquely tailored to meet federal records management standards, facilitating a smoother transition to cloud-based records storage. The system not only ensures compliance with federal mandates but also simplifies the verification processes.
  • Fortified Records Security: With the assurance of FedRAMP, Feith’s ERMS commits to stringent security measures essential for safeguarding sensitive records. This entails real-time surveillance of records, advanced encryption protocols, and prompt responses to any security breaches or incidents.

With a FedRAMP-secured ERMS deployed in the cloud, federal agencies are poised for an instantaneous transformation of their Records Program. Feith’s platform automates the records journey: from the moment they’re introduced into the system, records are centralized, categorized automatically, and managed from capture to disposition. This end-to-end management not only guarantees compliance but also optimizes operations, eliminating manual interventions and potential errors. Importantly, all these capabilities come out-of-the-box, ensuring a perfect alignment with NARA’s UERM, and positioning agencies at the forefront of records management best practices.

In pursuing the FedRAMP certification, Feith Systems cements its dedication to simplifying cloud transitions and NARA compliance. This venture signifies a secure, straightforward, and efficient path to records management excellence for Federal government agencies.

A Recap of FACT 2023

As the final echoes of the Feith Annual Conference and Training (FACT) 2023 fade away, we are left with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and gratitude. The world-renowned Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was the backdrop for two days of insightful presentations, collaborative panel discussions, and invaluable hands-on training sessions on May 17th and 18th. The Feith community gathered from all corners of the globe to share their experiences, discuss the latest industry trends, and participate in a learning journey centered on Feith Systems’ cutting-edge software and best practices. This year’s FACT 2023 event, the first to be held in person after several years of virtual conferences, was not only an opportunity to learn and network, but also a celebration of our resilience and shared passion for innovation.

Highlights from the conference

Feith Version 9.4 scales to enable AI Content Lake
The release of Feith 9.4 represents a significant advancement in harnessing the power of emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. With the rapid growth of data, it has become crucial to effectively manage larger volumes of information. In response to this challenge, Feith has introduced next-level scalability in its 9.4 version. This means that users can now handle even greater amounts of data with ease, enabling them to unlock the full potential of AI and make more informed decisions.

Feith RMA iQ makes SMS/Chat RM as simple as Capstone for Email
The Feith platform now simplifies capstone record management for SMS and chat messages, ensuring secure storage, easy retrieval and compliance with new DOD regulations and NARA bulletin 2023-02.  It enables users to automatically capture, categorize, and tag messages, and shows them in an intuitive message-like interface.

Feith Platform harnesses AI to deliver rapid response to FOIA request
Deloitte showcased the benefits of their AI technology integrated with Feith’s future-proof FOIA platform. The collaboration streamlines the FOIA request process, automating tasks, categorizing requests, enhancing document redaction, and providing iterative learning capabilities. This partnership revolutionizes information management, improving efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in handling FOIA requests for government agencies and organizations.

Automate more record categorization with Fall-Through Categorizer
The Feith Platform’s categorization abilities are rapidly growing stronger. Autocategorizer reviews metadata and content, and now utilizes an improved fall-through categorizer. This enhanced categorization enables the platform to effectively organize a broad range of records from sources like unkempt shared drives, SharePoint, or OneDrive. It ensures comprehensive record classification and efficient management of vast amounts of data, empowering organizations with valuable tools for knowledge discovery.

Case Manager gets faster and more powerful with Version 2 release
Case Manager 2 has undergone a major overhaul, resulting in a faster, simpler data model that is easier to integrate. It consolidates discovery and case management in one place, standing out with its ability to handle a wide range of case types, from support tickets to complex investigations, insider threats, email compliance, and FOIA.

Dashboard iQ helps you get started with automatic graph generation
A notable enhancement to Feith’s Dashboard iQ is the introduction of automatic dashboard generation, which streamlines the process of creating graphs and charts. By leveraging the contents of the file cabinet, Feith’s Dashboard iQ now intelligently analyzes the data within documents, extracting relevant information, and generating dynamic visual representations. This feature eliminates the manual effort previously required to input and organize data, saving valuable time and resources.

CUI Module supports your privacy program and makes sensitive data tamper-proof
The Feith platform’s CUI module provides secure storage for highly sensitive data with tamper-proof, auditable features. This module utilizes rule-based tools to identify Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in records. Users can act to control, redact, or destroy sensitive information. Additionally, it identifies records containing GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA relevant data, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

The Feith Platform is now available on more major cloud providers
Feith’s reach has expanded significantly. This year Feith can tackle not only On-Premises and AWS Commercial & GovCloud but is also available on Microsoft Azure for Government, Oracle Cloud, USDA DISC, and more. The list of supported cloud platforms continues to grow, promising even more options for Feith users in the future.

Feith Systems ramps up for FedRAMP Certification
Feith is actively pursuing its FedRAMP certification, a significant milestone in its commitment to providing secure and trusted solutions for the US Federal Government. FedRAMP certification involves rigorous evaluation of the platform’s security controls, risk management processes, and compliance with federal standards. By undergoing this certification process, Feith aims to demonstrate its dedication to data protection, confidentiality, and integrity.

Video: 2023 EDRM Conference – Managing Records in Office 365

Are government agencies making progress towards achieving their goals outlined in M-19-21 and M-23-07? According to a survey conducted by DGI prior to their conference on eDiscovery, Records & Information Management, over half of the respondents reported that they either have not met their objectives or are unsure about their progress. Only 6% have achieved their objectives thus far, while 40% expect to meet them by June 2024. This indicates that there is still a significant gap and room for improvement for agencies to reach their targets, particularly in the case of Office 365 which poses a major challenge for larger organizations.

In light of this, Feith’s Senior Records Management consultant, James Jones, examines strategies for addressing the primary source of records for most agencies.

NARA Expands Capstone Approach to Include Messaging Platforms

As the leader in Federal Records Management software, we at Feith Systems are excited to see the release of NARA Bulletin 2023-02, which expands upon the role-based approach for managing electronic messages, also known as Capstone. This approach, which was introduced in NARA Bulletin 2013-02, has been widely adopted by federal agencies and offers an alternative method for managing email records.

Under the role-based approach, the final disposition of records is determined by the role or position of the record creator or receiver. Records of high-level roles and positions are often scheduled as permanent for transfer to the National Archives, while the records of all other roles and positions may be scheduled for disposal as temporary records. This approach is now being expanded to include other types of electronic messages beyond email, as the use of additional electronic messaging platforms has grown in recent years.

At Feith, we understand the importance of proper records management in the federal government, and that’s why our records management platform includes the ability to manage Capstone. Our platform includes features such as the ability to keep track of Capstone officials and automatically control Capstone records, making it easy for agencies to comply with NARA guidelines.

One of the key benefits of the role-based approach is that it allows for more efficient management of records, as agencies are able to prioritize the records of high-level officials for permanent retention. This is particularly important in the era of electronic communication, as the volume of messages exchanged can be overwhelming. By focusing on the records of key decision-makers and other officials, agencies can ensure that the most important information is properly preserved for future reference.

In addition to the role-based approach, NARA Bulletin 2023-02 also provides guidance on the definition of “electronic messages” and the record status of these messages. According to the bulletin, electronic messages are defined as electronic mail and other electronic messaging systems that are used for purposes of communicating between individuals. This definition includes texts, chats, and instant messages, as well as other types of electronic communication.

Importantly, the bulletin also reiterates existing policy that text messages and chat communications created or received in the course of agency business are likely federal records, and agencies must follow NARA-approved disposition authorities for these records. This means that agencies must begin capturing and preserving electronic messages that meet the definition of a federal record, in order to comply with NARA guidelines and the Electronic Message Preservation Act (EMPA) of 2021.

At Feith, we understand the challenges that agencies face when it comes to managing electronic records, and that’s why our platform includes tools and features specifically designed to make it easy for agencies to comply with NARA guidelines. With our platform, agencies can easily capture and preserve electronic messages, and can also use our Capstone management tools to ensure that records are properly classified and scheduled for disposal or retention.

In conclusion, NARA Bulletin 2023-02 is an important development for federal agencies, as it expands upon the role-based approach for managing electronic messages and provides guidance on the record status of these messages. At Feith Systems, we are committed to helping agencies navigate these complex issues, and our records management platform includes the tools and features needed to manage Capstone and ensure compliance with NARA guidelines.

OMB Extends M-19-21 Deadline to June 30, 2024

Feith Systems is a leader in Federal Records Management software, and we are excited to see the release of OMB/NARA M-23-07, Update to Transition to Electronic Records. This memorandum reinforces the importance of strong records management for transparency and accountability in government, and reaffirms the goal of transitioning federal agencies to a fully electronic environment.

The new memorandum extends the deadlines for this transition to June 30, 2024, due to implementation delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This extension will allow agencies more time to complete their transition to electronic records and to fully embrace the opportunities that this transition affords.

At Feith Systems, we believe that moving beyond paper-based processes and transitioning to an electronic environment is a critical step in improving government efficiency and effectiveness. Our Federal Records Management software is designed to help agencies manage their records electronically, ensuring that they are easily accessible and properly stored for eventual transfer and accessioning by NARA.

Under the new memorandum, all permanent records in federal agencies must be managed electronically by June 30, 2024. This includes records that are eligible for transfer to NARA or to Federal Records Centers. After this date, all agencies must transfer permanent records to NARA in electronic formats, with appropriate metadata in accordance with NARA regulations and transfer guidance.

Temporary records are also affected by the new memorandum. By June 30, 2024, all temporary records in federal agencies must be managed electronically to the fullest extent possible. Agencies may request a limited exception to this requirement from NARA if replacing specific analog records with electronic systems would be burdensome to the public, the cost would exceed the benefit, statutory or regulatory barriers impede implementation, or there is exceptional intrinsic value in the original format.

After June 30, 2024, NARA will no longer accept transfers of permanent or temporary records in analog formats, and will accept records only in electronic formats with appropriate metadata. This means that agencies must ensure that their records are properly digitized and properly formatted before transferring them to NARA.

Meet Requirements with Feith

Feith Systems is committed to helping federal agencies meet these new requirements and transition fully to an electronic environment. Our Federal Records Management software is designed to assist agencies with every aspect of this transition, from digitizing and formatting records to storing and transferring them in compliance with NARA regulations.

We understand that transitioning to an electronic environment can be a complex and time-consuming process, and we are here to help. If your agency is in need of assistance with the transition to electronic records, we encourage you to contact Feith Systems to learn more about our Federal Records Management software and how it can help your agency meet the requirements of OMB/NARA M-23-07.

USDA Adopts the Feith RMA iQ Platform


Washington, DC (September 20, 2022) – Feith Systems & Software, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to provide its Records Management Application (RMA) solution, Feith RMA iQ.

USDA is the latest federal agency to adopt Feith’s RMA platform, which will be used enterprise-wide to manage the lifecycle of the agency’s electronic and physical records.

“We are thrilled to have been selected by USDA for this important project,” said Dan Feith, Executive Vice President of Feith Systems. “Our RMA platform is the most flexible and user-friendly on the market, and we are confident that it will help USDA improve its records management processes and compliance with federal regulations.”

The Feith RMA solution was selected following a rigorous evaluation process that included a comprehensive review of the agency’s records management requirements. Feith’s RMA platform met all of the criteria established by USDA, and the agency is now in the process of deploying the solution across its organization.

“This is a major win for Feith, and we are proud to have our RMA solution selected by another federal agency,” said Charlie King, CIO of Feith Systems. “Our RMA platform is the result of years of research and development, and we are confident that it will help USDA streamline its records management processes and improve compliance.”

The Feith RMA platform is a web-based solution that provides users with a central repository for all of their electronic and physical records. The platform includes features such as:

  • A drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to add, modify, or delete records;
  • A search function that allows users to quickly locate specific records;
  • The ability to generate reports and export data for analysis;
  • Workflow feature allowing the user to track progress of individual items through each stage its life cycle.

The Feith RMA platform is also compliant with a variety of federal regulations, including:

  • The Federal Records Act (FRA)
  • The National Archives and Records Administration’s (NARA) General Records Schedule (GRS)
  • The Presidential Records Act (PRA)

About Feith Systems & Software

Feith Systems & Software, Inc., founded in 1979, is the United States’ leading supplier of Records Management Applications to the federal government and commercial entities with high security requirements. Feith solutions are used by organizations around the world to manage physical and digital records, streamline business processes, and improve compliance with regulations.

For more information, please visit www.feith.com or contact us at more-info@feith.com.

Press Contact:
Richard Long
Feith Systems & Software
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