Secure Enterprise Filesharing

Filesharing in your private cloud

Employees are going to share files. That’s true whether we like it or not. From USB drives, to public filesharing services, organizations are discovering that their proprietary data is escaping into the wild.

Management’s response to sharing has typically been to try to lock the behavior down, but it isn’t working. The productivity benefit of sharing files is too tempting. 

We can’t stop it. By burying the problem rather than addressing it, organizations are risking security breaches and data loss on a grand scale, as more and more of their data leaks out of their control.

FeithDrive provides Enterprise-class filesharing combined with DoD-certified Records Management.

Sharing doesn’t have to be dangerous — with FeithDrive your employees get the major productivity boost of a filesharing service, but with the strictest security, activity auditing, advanced permissions, records management and more, that your organization needs to stay safe.

FeithDrive for integrated Content Services

The power of FeithDrive over other offerings lies in its security and in its integration with other applications. And your content is available to you or your team virtually anywhere with access from your mobile-friendly, browser-based FeithDrive application, or the mobile application for Android devices, or directly from the FeithDrive filecabinet. 

Only FeithDrive gives you the advantage of submitting your content into a workflow, integrating it into dashboards, allowing it to be records managed, and more, with seamless platform integration.

Stop risking data loss and security breaches — with FeithDrive, you can have the best of both worlds. Give your employees the productivity boost of filesharing, without sacrificing security and compliance.