Mail IQ

Email is the largest source of your organization’s knowledge and records, if only from sheer volume. Capturing your email is essential to your continuity of operations, compliance, and knowledge sharing.

Feith’s market-leading system, Mail IQ, allows you to capture every single email in your organization, up to 20 million a day with a single installation, where it can be audited, categorized and managed.

Feith gives you the ability to manage everything in one easy to use interface. No more retrieving messages from dead archives. Now you can find email and attachments instantly with content search.

Mail iQ simplicity

“At first sight, legal compliance would seem to be the major driver for taking better control of emails. However, ROI from efficiency improvement is a genuine justification.”

AIIM Industry Watch: Email Management, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Beyond email archiving

With increasing – and increasingly complex – compliance standards, the specter of litigation, and the costs of discovery, ensuring retention of regulated information has become essential.

Thankfully, Feith’s email management solution, Mail iQ, can reduce your costs and increase your accuracy when preserving and retrieving electronic information.

With one robust support program for managing your entire communication life-cycle, you can manage all email, SMS/text, social media communications, and more, from creation and retention through auditing, retrieval, and deletion, including “legal hold and freeze” requirements.


Email server support includes Exchange, Gmail, iMail, Exim, Sendmail, Postfix, MailEnable, and many more. Your choice of Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, on Linux, Windows, or Unix. Install on-site or in the cloud.

Making eDiscovery easy

  • A powerful search engine.
  • Filter email by contents.
  • Compliance with audits.
  • Destroy email by retention rules.
  • Fingerprint email for integrity.