Social Media Archive & RM

Constituent outreach and marketing departments are producing a remarkable number of records on social media. Capturing them as records is the responsibility of every federal agency, and the Feith platform makes that easy.

With Feith for Social Media

  • Automatically capture social media posts
  • Capture deleted posts for transparency
  • Store posts in our tamper-proof storage
  • Notify on specific keywords
  • Schedule when posts are disposed of
  • Real-time KPI Dashboards reporting
  • Watch for PII in posts or comments
  • Search across all of your accounts

Tweets, Facebook posts, and other social media posts can be captured and archived to the Feith platform. With Feith, you can connect these services, through their public APIs, to Feith’s API connector and thus the entire Feith Records Management platform. Archiving your social media presence has never been simpler. Once posts are captured, Feith will manage them as records with our DoD 5015.02-certified Records Management Application.