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Electronic Records Management

Records Management Automation

Feith understands the pressure to improve cross agency workflows while maintaining a secure environment. We know you demand greater cross-department visibility, and process control. You need to ensure compliance with established policies and regulations. Feith provides an advanced Records Management solution with integrated workflow, putting a focus on records process optimization. Feith enables companies and agencies to handle compliance issues and exceptions seamlessly.

ERM with Feith

Feith has been authorized to manage classified records as part of the DoD 5015.2 V3 certification, the DoD standard, including e-FOIA and the Privacy Act.

Feith will enable your agency to provide immediate access to documents and other types of information, supply self-service web-based applications to user communities around the globe, streamline processes involving complex forms and approval hierarchies, and integrate and enable existing legacy or LOB applications.

Implemented across the US Federal Government, from high-tech micro-agencies to very large agencies producing millions of records a day, Feith is ready for agencies like yours.

Integrated ERM and Workflow

Utilize a tailored solution to help agency’s operations pertaining to content management, document management, workflow, and standard forms for the web.  Feith is 100% NARA UERM Compliant, and fully ready for your Federal Records Act compliance program.

Combining a bullet-proof product line and impeccable and experienced service, Feith Systems software has allowed agency customers to:

  • Provide instant secure access to documents and information.
  • Provide self-service web-based applications to users worldwide.
  • Provide one source for records pertaining to multiple applications.
  • Streamline complex forms and approval hierarchies.
  • Create tailored task management solutions.
  • Integrate with existing systems.

Feith’s Workflow IQ software, utilizing a user-friendly graphical design tool, a sophisticated rules-based engine, and real-time process control monitoring, provides a powerful agency solution that can run on UNIX, LINUX, and NT platforms.

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DOD 5015.2-conformant records management

Feith is fully DoD 5015.2 certified and conformant. The Department of Defense 5015.2 v.3 ‘Classified’ Records Management standard – a test of nearly 150 rigorous requirements – is considered the benchmark for organizations that manage classified documents. Feith’s RMA IQ’s certification also includes compliance with Freedom of Information (and e-FOIA) and Privacy Acts, SEC Rule 17a-4 and Sarbanes Oxley Act compliant, and certified compliance through its integration with SharePoint. RMA IQ FilePlan Administrator Feith has always been on the leading edge in ERM Security.

In 2008, Feith Systems became the very first corporation to be certified on the DoD 5015.2 v.3 standard. In 2012, Feith became the first organization to achieve “Perpetual Certification” for 5015.2, the highest renewal classification offered by the DoD, as well as the first organization certified conformant on all three standards: Baseline, Classified, and on both FOIA (and e-FOIA) and the Privacy Act, and continues to be the only U.S.-based company to be so certified. And in 2014, Feith’s RMA iQ became the first ERM application certified on all three standards as well as certified paired with Microsoft SharePoint.

Feith is the only 5015.2-conformant records management solution with perpetual renewal, certified on all security standards, and certified as paired with SharePoint (ref: JITC). Additionally, Feith is 100% U.S.-based.

Robust infrastructure

With the flexibility of the Feith System, users have designed a wealth of applications meeting specific and unique needs.
Feith software has been implemented to address paper and process-intense applications.

The robust infrastructure of the Feith System ensures reliability for even the most mission critical applications. A variety of hardware and operating systems are supported to ensure that the Feith System will fit in your environment.

The Feith System is designed to store high volumes of digital objects. Whether scanned paper, PDF documents, photographs, video, MS Office documents, or CAD Drawings, the Feith System handles it all.
By using standard hardware for storage, the Feith System keeps the total cost of ownership low.

RMA IQ features

  • Govern a record’s lifecycle from acquisition to disposition.
  • File plan creation and administration.
  • Cutoff approval and processing.
  • Disposition approval and processing.

Experienced Personnel

As a defense contractor, Feith can provide an implementation plan and professional services to meet your needs. The Feith System is designed for simple user administration, however Feith offers fully qualified professional services personnel to assist any customer with new implementations and ongoing projects.