Electronic Records Management

Records Management Automation

Would you like a records management solution that can automate the entire process – from capture to categorization to transfer to destruction – according to your retention policies and regulations? Look no further than RMA iQ.

RMA iQ is the only DoD 5015.02-certified records management solution that can automatically capture, manage, categorize, transfer and destroy records according to your retention policies and regulations.  With RMA iQ, you’ll be able to:

  • Automatically capture records from any electronic source
  • Manage and categorize records using Feith’s proprietary Auto-Categorizer
  • Transfer and destroy records according to your retention policies without human intervention
  • Control records with a DoD-grade Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system

Compliant ERM with Feith

Feith has been authorized to manage classified records as part of the DoD 5015.2 V3 certification, the DoD standard, including e-FOIA and the Privacy Act. Feith’s focus on compliance  and security provides the much-needed foundation for any organization’s ERM solutions.

  • Classified records management: Feith is the only entirely US-owned and operated company  certified by JITC to manage classified records.
  • Comprehensive compliance: Feith is experienced delivering compliant solutions to over 20 standards and regulations, including NIST, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and more.
  • Robust security: our solutions are hosted in a FISMA High certified data center and Feith has ATO at this level.

RMA iQ will enable your organization to provide immediate access to documents and other types of information, supply self-service web-based applications to user communities around the globe, streamline processes involving complex forms and approval hierarchies, and integrate and enable existing legacy or LOB applications.

Implemented across the Fortune 500 and US Federal Government agencies producing millions of records a day, Feith is ready for organizations like yours.

Integrated ERM and Workflow

Utilize a tailored solution to help agency’s operations pertaining to content management, document management, workflow, and standard forms for the web.  Feith is 100% NARA UERM Compliant, and fully ready for your Federal Records Act compliance program.

Combining a bullet-proof product line and impeccable and experienced service, Feith Systems software has allowed agency customers to:

  • Provide instant secure access to documents and information.
  • Provide self-service web-based applications to users worldwide.
  • Provide one source for records pertaining to multiple applications.
  • Streamline complex forms and approval hierarchies.
  • Create tailored task management solutions.
  • Integrate with existing systems.

Robust infrastructure

The Feith System is designed to store high volumes of digital objects. Whether scanned paper, PDF documents, photographs, video, MS Office documents, or CAD Drawings, the Feith System handles it all. Each type of document is automatically catalogued and assigned a unique identifier. 

The Feith System also offers comprehensive search and retrieval capabilities, as well as version control, which are file-type neutral.

RMA IQ features

  • Govern a record’s lifecycle from acquisition to disposition.
  • File plan creation and administration.
  • Cutoff approval and processing.
  • Disposition approval and processing.

Experienced Personnel

Feith’s staff includes records management experts with decades of experience in both the public and private sectors. We understand how important it is to get records management right, and we can help you do just that. Our Records Management Automation specialists  can help you get the most out of RMA iQ, and our services team can provide you with the support you need to keep your records management solution running smoothly.

For more information on RMA iQ, or to schedule a demo, please contact us today.