Contract Management

Automate For Accuracy & Efficiency

With the Feith suite, you have the ability to route contracts for necessary approval and renewals, plus place them under version control. The timely review and renewal of contracts is driven by the workflow.

Handle projects and proposals enterprise-wide with greater efficiency and productivity

  • Create contracts and route them for all necessary approvals using Feith integrated Workflow.
  • Put contracts under version control: FDD’s full audit trail keeps track of all views and modifications
  • Add Digital Signatures with electronic verification to assure tamper-proof documents
  • Automatically trigger Workflows as contract renewals and expirations approach
  • Liven up your contracts… get them out of your old file cabinet and put them into Feith Document Database

What’s In It For You?

Feith solutions architects and engineers will show you how to seamlessly integrate case, contract, and task management, plus time management and scheduling, into any existing system and application your department currently employs, and efficiently improve workflow processes, database imaging, and records management matters that are distinctive to object and task management – cost-effectively and budget-friendly – with a ‘been there, still doing that’ approach that no other solutions provider can match.

Additionally, with Feith, you have the ability to set access privileges at the object, file cabinet, or individual level so that only authorized users can access sensitive data, ensuring the integrity and safety of your confidential or proprietary data.

Creating contracts, and routing them quickly and accurately, has never been simpler. And knowing that security and compliance are key to any core management implementation, learn how you can trust Feith, the very first company to be Department of Defense 5015.2 certified, to guarantee critical records management protection.