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5 CRM Credits

Welcome to Records Management University, a series of online courses dedicated to serving Records Management professionals, soon to enter its eighth semester. Why should you register? Just ask any of over 7,000 RM & IG professionals, just like you, who have already joined us.

  • When:  Every other Tuesday, 2:00 – 3:00 PM EST
  • Credits:  CRM: 5 credits
  • Instructor:  Michael Edwards, Head of RMU
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Let RMU’s Head of Records Management training, Michael Edwards, lead you through this educational, informational, and fun webinar course. We will spotlight the latest news, innovations, theory and concepts, critical industry issues, best practices, tips and tricks, how-to’s, and new advances in technology in Records Management. This is for everyone, experts and novices alike. Each of the 5 classes will focus on a different critical topic and last an hour.

Attention Records Managers: Each RMU session is pre-approved for 1 CRM Certification Maintenance Credit (CMP) from the Institute of Certified Records Managers up to 5 CRM credits (one for each class).


Fall 2021 Semester

The Great Records Management Debates

We’ll tackle some of the most interesting debates in the Records Management and Information Lifecycle world. Pitting two RM experts against each other, we’ll dig deep into the big questions surrounding RM.

Class 1: Big Bucket Vs. Small Bucket

October 12th, 2021

As records managers know, retention schedules are defined by their categories.  When it comes to how they are categorized, you will often find that there is an even split between those who think big buckets work better, and those who think small buckets are more intelligent.  Categories drive records management, so this debate is an extremely important one.

Class 2: Keep Vs. Destroy

October 26th, 2021

To keep, or not to keep, that is the question.  This is one of the biggest discussions when it comes to your records management philosophy.  Most theorists are on the destroy side, but there area  lot of organizations out there that trend towards keeping first to be safe.  Knowing what we intend to accomplish with our records management is key, so this debate is a necessary one in business.

Class 3: A.I. Is Real, Vs. A.I. Is Fantasy

November 9th, 2021

A.I. has been a hot topic for the past several years.  Many people think that general A.I. is right around the corner, but there are nearly as many who think it is all talk no substance.  A lot of the more heavy RM questions have been punted to A.I. solving that problem somewhere down the road.  If A.I. isn’t as real as we hope, we need to know that to be ready for the future. 

Class 4: Central Repository Vs. Manage In Place

November 23rd, 2021

These days we hear a lot about “Manage In Place.”  What exactly does that mean in general, and what does it mean for your records management initiatives? This ultimately decides the technological paradigm we’re operating under.  This has many long-running implications for our RM program

Class 5: Everything Is A Records Vs. A Limited Conception Of Records

December 7th, 2021

The scope of records management has been rapidly expanding.  Organizations are rolling out records management for chat, SMS, etc.  Are these things records, or are the transitory non-records?  This is the backbone of our records management program, and it determines how we design the program.