Records Management with RMA IQ
Enterprise-grade, DoD-certified

Automate RM from Classification to Disposition

Our Department of Defense-certified system for Records Management allows you to manage enterprise records, including files in file shares, network drives, email, tasks, chats, and more. Capture, categorize, store, audit, freeze, and dispose of records according to the strictest rules.

A fully-integrated and fully-automated records management solution that ensures electronic records are acquired, administered, and disposed of based on your organization’s security requirements. DoD 5015.02 std.

  • Govern record lifecycles
  • File plan administration
  • Disposition processing

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Email must be evaluated against the declaration and categorization criteria. This evaluation may either happen automatically or individually by users. Feith makes both types of categorization significantly easier.

  • Intelligent record categorization
  • ‘Digitally fingerprint’ email
  • Redact email and attachments

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Feith supports capture, archiving and records management across many chat and electronic messaging applications and platforms.  Comply with federal regulations with an all-in-one system.
  • Capture messages automatically
  • Store and view chats and their metadata
  • Set Retention Policies to delete stored messages
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Feith’s comprehensive records management platform, is ideal for “super-charging” your SharePoint environment, with a cohesive, single vendor solution that tackles the big challenges. 

  • DoD 5015.2 STD Compliant SharePoint
  • Record Auto-Categorization
  • Legacy integration

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Network drives provide inadequate permissions facilities, lack complete revisions, have no notification system or subscriptions functionality, allow for only scant metadata, and lack the capabilities for full Records Management. 

  • Find docs with full-text search
  • Versioning for any document
  • Check-in/check-out

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Integrating your organization’s physical and electronic documents into one records management solution allows records managers to treat their entire process with a unified approach.  Manage files in boxes, folders, bins, and shelves.

  • Transfer Approval/Denial
  • Warehouse Notifications
  • Barcode Generation

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