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NARA Releases Machine-Readable GRS

NARA Delivers Holiday Gift in the Form of a Machine-Readable GRS

An accurate and up-to-date Agency Records Management File Plan has always been and continues to be a necessary tool in the Records Management toolbox.  It provides specific guidance to bureaus and offices to ensure that all employees properly manage records under their care and control.

Maintenance of that Agency Records Management File plan also represents a continuing challenge.  Trying to keep the mix of existing GRS categories, disposition instructions, transmittals of GRS updates, and requests for Agency specific categories (in the form of SF 115s) accurate has always been a serious and time-consuming challenge.

Of late, Records Management automation was made much easier and efficient through the introduction of the Holiday Gift from NARA, specifically the machine-readable version of the General Records Schedule in comma separated value (CSV) format.  Since the CSV format is software agnostic, agencies have been enabled to convert data fields as needed for implementation in their specific applications.

With this modern version of the GRS as a holiday gift, agencies and Records Management software providers can ensure that their automated file plans are current, accurate, and maintainable.

Many thanks to our friends at NARA for this timely and modern holiday present.

Shannon Heim

Shannon Heim

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