Automatically Categorize Your Records

Using powerful rules, workflows, and AI text analysis, Feith’s Auto-Categorizer can read and classify documents without human intervention. Feith not only saves you time and money but also ensures that your records are properly structured and stored in accordance with regulations.

Take the pain out of records management with Auto-Categorizer

Feith’s Auto-Categorizer application is a fully-integrated and fully-automated auto-categorization solution arranged in a “waterfall” architecture that ensures both electronic and scanned paper records are acquired and ingested securely and efficiently based on your industrial, organizational, or governmental requirements.

Saves Time Spent Sorting Through Unorganized Data

Utilize advanced analytics to systematically structure unstructured content, enabling automated retention and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Facilitates Better Information Governance

Enterprise Information Governance is impossible when you don’t know what you have and where you have.

Helps Ensure Compliance with Regulations

Apply document and user permission controls based on the category, content and metadata of your records.

Enhances data discovery and retrieval

Categorizing records makes it simple to integrate them into structured discovery processes and other workflows.

Automatically Classifies by Content and Purpose

Leverage cutting-edge technology to know what’s in your records, and where they live in your repositories.

Minimizes the Risk of Human Error in Categorization

Mitigates the risk of human error by deploying sophisticated algorithms to ensure consistent, precise, and systematic classification of data.

Why Auto-Categorizer?

Today, almost every organization is struggling with the problem of data overload.

The goal of Records Management is to ensure the efficient and effective handling of records throughout their life cycle, but this becomes increasingly difficult when you have too much data to deal with.

Using advanced statistical modeling to read and categorize documents automatically, Auto-Categorizer solves the problem of data overload by leveraging the power of the Feith Platform.

Feith evaluates, categorizes, and processes all your documents and email, along with their associated metadata without user interaction.

With Auto-Categorizer, you can automatically categorize your records, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and providing better compliance with regulations. Automated categorization can save organizations time and money by reducing the need for manual sorting and categorization of records. It can also help to ensure that records are properly classified, marked and stored in accordance with Federal regulations.

Manual & Hybrid Categorization

Manual Categorization:  By selecting from a drop-down list in the user interface, users can categorize records by hand. This is ideal for one-off records which are unusual and do not lend themselves well to methods of automation. For example, scanned hand-written memos.

Hybrid Categorization: This is accomplished using a smart directory structure that leverages automation to categorize any records which reside there. For example, to categorize documents as 1099’s, the Records Manager will move records into the canonical 1099 location, which would automatically apply the relevant retention rule to everything in that folder.

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Automatic Rules-Based Categorization

Feith’s Auto-Categorizer supplies the power to automate the categorization of essential and non-essential records using a document’s metadata, full-text, and business rules.
Examples of metadata include items such as recipient and sender in an email, document creation date, or document properties. Given imprecise, but consistent information, Auto-Categorizer is an intelligent system for record categorization that uses a web-based rule designer. Auto-Categorizer recognizes similar records as defined in the interface or learned during day forward analysis.

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Automatic AI-Based Categorization

If the system cannot automatically place a record into a category using location, content, or metadata rules, it will utilize a form of artificial intelligence (AI) called Natural Language Processing to make recommendations about the record category.

The Records Manager will be provided with a list of documents that do not yet have categories.

Alongside each document will be a predicted category, with a percentage that represents the confidence in that prediction. The Records Manager can apply the recommended category and use this as guidance for developing new or improved rules to automatically categorize similar documents in the future. For highly confident matches (above a predetermined confidence level), the system can automatically apply the category.

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Automatic Categorization Comes With Benefits

Feith’s modular architecture and low-code platform deliver operational efficiency and flexibility, engineered for customization. Built-in compliance mechanisms ensure regulatory adherence, seamlessly integrating with every solution.


Saves Time Spent Sorting Through Unorganized Data: Make sense of your unstructured content, documents, email, and data, so automated retention is possible.


Help Ensure Compliance with Regulations: Apply document and user permission controls based on the category, content, and metadata of your records.

Become compliant with Record Retention rules faster, with lower costs, and eliminate human error.


Facilitate Better Information Governance: Automatic categorization improves information governance by accurately classifying data for easier access, enhancing compliance, and reducing risk and costs associated with manual data handling.


Enhance Data Discovery & Retreival: Automatic categorization improves information governance by accurately classifying data for easier access, enhancing compliance, and reducing risk and costs associated with manual data handling.

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