Integration & ETL Solutions
Rapid Desktop and System Integrations

Integration solutions available for your existing systems — Feith quickly and easily integrates with your external and line-of-business systems.


Feith’s desktop automation software provides seamless connectivity between Feith’s suite and your critical – or line of business (LOB) – and server-based applications.

  • Link databases directly for simple, easy-to-maintain integration.
  • Use powerful APIs for web service integration.
  • Intake text directly (reports, statements, invoices, and more).
  • High-speed scanning integration.
  • Data is available in simple format for export.
  • Simply highlight the information in your reports to index.
  • Link LOB and Windows applications to documents in Database.
  • Integrates at a high level into your web browser.
  • Integrates with Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft, and more.

What’s your integration?

File System Integration

Feith’s COLD engine allows for integration and automated indexing from file systems and applications which can export to the file system. During system configuration, short scripts are tailored to your environment to allow the COLD software to automatically ingest files and data.

Quick Integrator

Feith’s Quick Integrator system makes it simple to scrape data from websites, applications, and green-screen mainframes for ingestion into the Feith database. Once data is ingested, it may be treated like data native to the Feith suite.

SharePoint ☚

Feith provides two-way integration with SharePoint at the database level to extend SharePoint functionality and security, easing content management, collaboration, and file sharing. Feith can run on Microsoft’s SQL Server Database, allowing SharePoint and Feith to integrate at the lowest level.

Jenzabar ☚

Feith provides integration capabilities that seamlessly connect our Document Repository and Workflow suite with Jenzabar’s CX, EX, JICS, and recently-introduced JX platforms.


The Feith Salesforce integration extends your Salesforce platform with a full Enterprise Content Management System, with enterprise-level Document Management, Records Management, BPM and Workflow, Case Management, File Sync & Share, Web Form Creation, and more.

DocuSign & Adobe Signatures

With Feith’s DocuSign and Adobe Signature integrations you can easily add secure signing at any step in your organizations’ business processes, then notify, route and more based on those signatures.

Oracle Financials ☚

Feith Systems is a Certified Member of the Oracle Partner Network, to image-enable with Oracle Financials and e-Business Suite (EBS).


Our latest software is certified by SAP to integrate with the SAP ERP Central Component (formerly R/3) application system via the FDD Connector.


Feith allows the powerful PeopleSoft accounting system access to information from employees in HR, Legal, and elsewhere in your organization, who are not on your PeopleSoft system, so you can free up critical resources.

Something Else?

Feith’s integration software and methodologies work with almost all major systems, databases, and their APIs. Whatever your critical system, we can handle it. Drop us a line to get more information about our system integration process.


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