State and County Government

Better Public Experience Through Technology

There has been a tremendous pressure among government agencies to improve the interactions with the public, speed processes, and build transparency, all while maintaining a secure work environment.  With a massive amount of information to store and process, outdated methods of handling documents and forms can cause lost time, lost files and lost opportunity.  With the Feith Platform the entire process can be improved, unifying your data silos and putting key data at your fingertips.

Decrease ROT

Your documents, files, and emails cleansed and centralized in one easily searchable location.​

Compliant Archive

Simpler compliance with your state's rules, regulations, orders, and laws.​

Improve Processes

Drive efficiency across your government processes with Low-Code technology.​

Increase Security

Protect your data with Feith's FIPS, NIST and FISMA compliant system.

Feith allows you to centralize records, documents and forms in a single searchable repository, making it simple to find, control, secure, deliver, and audit document-based processes.

Capture and Control Many Document Types

  • Contracts
  • Public Records
  • Unstructured Data
  • Email Records
  • HR Information
  • Policy Documentation
  • Budget Files
  • Code Documents
  • Report Data
  • Committee Prints

Transition Beyond Paper

With pressure mounting to be more productive, outdated and paper based processes can weigh your organization down. With the need for digital transformation more relevant than ever, accessing everything on one proven platform is necessary.

Feith is a fully-integrated and fully-automated records and document management solution that ensures both electronic and physical records are acquired, administered and disposed of based on your organization's requirements.

Manage born-digital records, scans, email, network drives, legacy applications, SharePoint sites, and more, all in one secure place.

Improve Processes

Your company's ability to outpace competitors is largely decided by your ability to execute on business process improvements.

With a fully-integrated workflow engine, Workflow IQ, you can build process workflows and automate processes. Automate manual processes with workflow.

Additionally, improvement is not just how much you can automate, but also how much you know about what you didn't yet automate. That's why Feith includes a complete live dashboarding and reporting system, Dashboard IQ, so you can make great decisions from critical information.

Solutions for a Modern, Digital Government

Automate processes and structure approval steps, through Feith’s completely integrated Workflow engine.

Visually track your critical data, and key performance indicators in clean, customizable graphs and reports 

Disaster Recovery and Backup are simple and automated on the AWS cloud-with reports of the systems’ latency, uptime, etc. available regularly and on-request.

Feith’s Auto-Categorizer solves the problem of data overload by leveraging the power of automated record categorization.

Account for the physical security, data encryption, auditing, penetration testing, and more, required to keep data safe in a highly-regulated environment.

With Feith’s SDK, allow your developers to create new apps based on pre-built security schemes and data architectures, using standard Javascript frameworks.

Bridging data silos across the enterprise​

Large organizations need to take control of their knowledge repositories.  That means making sure that documents and data aren’t scattered around the organization, completely uncontrolled, and difficult to access.

Feith makes it easy to bring your systems together.  With a full suite of integration APIs and connectors, you can centralize your document repositories.  Now your content is secure, searchable, shareable, easy to distribute, and fully audited.