Defense and Intelligence

Collect and Analyze Intelligently

Planning, managing, and executing processes in DoD and IC is a relentless and constantly evolving field.  When men and women in harms way depend on you, organizational efficiency is critical.  Make intelligent choices and achieve faster results with Feith’s  Defense and Intelligence solutions.

Build Efficiency

Drive inter- and intra-agency efficiency through Low-Code technology, for faster time to value.

ATO Ready

Certified DoD-5015.02 for Classified and FOIA, as well as FIPS, NIST and FISMA compliant.

Compliant System

Simpler compliance for Federal rules, regulations, and executive orders.

Streamline Processes

Use Feith's market leading workflow engine to help you process cases and records efficiently.

Gain Insights On Operations

With Feith's dashboards and reports, you get a real-time view into the critical data needed to make crucial decisions.


Scale to tens of millions of records a day, on-premises or on FedRAMP GovCloud.

Feith's Defense and Intelligence Solutions

Tracks the assignment of tasks across departments or commands to minimize the productivity costs associated with tracking work. Ensure employees get their work done on-time; routine or ad hoc.

Gives organizations the tools they need to process requests, assemble documents, redact sensitive info, and provides managers with powerful tracking dashboards and reports.

A fully-automated DoD 5015.02 certified Records Management solution that ensures electronic and physical records are administered based on your organization’s regulations and requirements.

Highly versatile, packaged software designed to facilitate the case lifecycle – collecting, editing, and approving cases for submission. Add to that Dashboards and Reports for full accountability.

Software to manage the declassification process from start-to-finish, including redaction, review, notifications and more. Keeps a complete audit trail of every action in the system.

Feith’s E-Discovery solution handles all phases of the discovery lifecycle – capturing, approving, searching, redacting, tracking, revising, and accessing discoverables across the organization.

Reduce Risk

Manage your records in compliance with the first company in the world to be perpetually DoD 5015.02 certified. Since the beginning, Feith's core philosophy has been to ensure that we are the clear option for serious mission-centric workloads.

Unlike many of our competitors, we will never compromise the security of our platform by selling to non-NATO nations, sharing our source code with bad-actor nations like China or Russia, nor will we ever add features to our underlying platform that would be inappropriate for DoD organizations.

Faster Processes

Outdated tech can and will stand in the way of organizational agility. You must track, delegate and route work within your organization and around the globe. Administrative work can slow down the process and interfere with the mission.

With Feith's solutions, your processes are not just defensible and formalized, but more streamlined than ever. Feith solutions make work trackable, deduplicating efforts, allowing supervision, speeding approval, automating the minutiae, and ensuring security.

Built for Organizations like Yours

  • Attribute & Role Based Access
  • Finely tunable permissions
  • DoD-Grade auditing
  • Record auto-categorization
  • Support for eDiscovery
  •  Segregated Storage
  • Notify on classified data spill
  • Securely destroy documents
  • Recordize Transactions
  • Document Redactions
  • Chain of custody auditing
  • Detect broken business rules
  • Tamper-proof storage
  • IdP/CAC integration
  • Clearances, markings & countries
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Pll/Bll Redactions
  • Support by US workforce

Evolve to Meet Modern Challenges​

One of the biggest challenges that those in defense and intelligence currently face is attempting to keep up with increasing pressure to improve response times.  Using outdated IT solutions to do so only complicates the situation further.

With Feith’s Solutions for Defense and Intelligence, track, delegate, and route work within your organization, and around the globe, with one powerful workflow-backed platform, designed with organizations like yours in mind.