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We’d like to invite you to join us for this year’s all-new-and-improved Feith Annual User Conference and Training, our annual educational get-together in Philadelphia PA for everyone at every Feith customer and partner organization. Come learn theory, methodology, technology, real-world application, and best practices, all geared to giving you and your organization a better Feith experience for the next 12 months and beyond.


Science History Institute
Philadelphia, PA


Monday to Wednesday
October 1st – 3rd, 2018

Hands on consultation with Feith Executives

Drawing technology leaders from across the Feith customer community together to learn and share.

The Conference – open to everyone at Feith customer locations from the CEO to power users – is a combination of training, presentations, and theory on specific Feith applications and solutions, demonstrations of the advancements in the software and the theories behind them, the opportunity to learn more about critical industry issues, a chance to take a sneak peek at upcoming releases and products, and time to interface and network with members of every department as Feith as well as fellow Feith users and organizations.

More of what you love about the Feith Annual Conference and Training

Drawing technology leaders and visionaries from across the Feith User community.

Our streamlined Talks are going to be rich with concepts and theory and a greater sense of how everything we do relates to you and what’s important to your organization and why you need to be thinking about these advances in the industry. You’ll learn a lot more about why we do what we do within Feith solutions, and why that matters to your business and how you do business.

In the new-and-improved DGR, you’ll find less product demo and more of what you really need to learn.

FACT’s Joint Application Development sessions are your opportunity to give us your suggestions, your ideas, and your improvements – as well as discuss and solve your most sticky issues – and just tell us what you think Feith should be more able to do for you… directly to the developers and programmers that can make it happen.

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Speakers from across Feith

Experts from all parts of Feith are here to share their experience, from executives to engineers


Science History Institute - 315 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA

“The Science History Institute collects and shares the stories of innovators and of discoveries that shape our lives.”

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An awesome chance to get the most from your Feith platform. Between two days of training and sessions, free consultations, and our Joint Application Development session you won't want to miss this!