Feith Annual Conference & Training:
Connected and Empowered
On October 2, 2017

October 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2017

Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, PA


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Feith Annual Conference and Training 2017

Feith’s Annual Conference and Training for all organizations that use Feith software, is back this year! For its 19th year FACT will be taking place in the city of Philadelphia. Our home. FACT is a celebration of everything Feith, and the year’s best chance to revitalize, enhance, and augment your Feith experience and Feith knowledge. The week consists of a variety of activities, from crucial user training sessions and presentations from thought leaders to Q&A input from the Feith community and special fellowship events.

The Conference – open to everyone at Feith customer locations from the CEO to the everyday user – is a combination of training, presentations, and theory on specific Feith applications and solutions, demonstrations of the advancements in the software and the theories behind them, the opportunity to learn more about critical industry issues, a chance to take a sneak peek at upcoming releases and products, and time to interface and network with members of every department as Feith as well as fellow Feith users and organizations.


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Feith FACT Training

This is Feith Training like you’ve never experienced before, so bring your entire team! There will be something for everyone. Training will take you through the end-user basics and beyond to more advanced concepts of all of the most important and relevant Feith components, breaking them all down to explore what you need to do to get the most from your Feith platform. This training is being expanded into two full days, from Monday morning through Tuesday afternoon. There will be one combined training track for all attendees on the first day, laying down conceptual groundwork. On the second day, we will convene all the trainees to participate in exercises geared to bring together everything you learned on the first day, and see how everything we do fits together into one cohesive experience.

Beyond the training track, there will be a lab room for students who need more hands-on help with a specific piece of software, feature or topic. This training is for everybody: Users, Admins, Executives, IT, Management, Trainers, Legal, Records Managers… anyone in your organization who touches your Feith system or works anywhere with your Business Processes, Document & Content Management, Resource Planning, or Records.

Tailored to the experience of each attendee group, topics covered will include, but are not limited to:
User Management, File Cabinet Design, Advanced Search, Workflow, Web Forms, File Sync and Share, Dashboards, and more!

FACT Sessions

Informational Talk Sessions
Rather than just show you features and how-to’s for Feith software, we’re going to give you the why’s. Our streamlined Talks are rich with concepts and theory and a greater sense of how everything we do relates to you and what’s important to your organization and why you need to be thinking about these advances in the industry. You’ll learn a lot more about why we do what we do within Feith solutions, and why that matters to your business and how you do business. Get ready for targeted Talks with substance and meaning to take back home and chew on well after the show!

Joint Application Development
FACT’s Joint Application Development sessions are your opportunity to give us your suggestions, your ideas, and your improvements – as well as discuss and solve your most sticky issues – and just tell us what you think Feith should be more able to do for you… directly to the developers and programmers that can make it happen.

Plus Everything Else You Expect from FACT, Just Better!
▫ Demo-Go-Round
▫ Educational Speakers, Thought Leaders, and Keynote Events
▫ Real-World User Experience Presentations
▫ Informational Technology Sessions and Q&A’s
▫ New and In-Development Feith Advances Unveiled
▫ Industry Networking
▫ Customer Appreciation Gala

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