Whether they start life as paper or digital, documents are the life-blood of your organization.  Care for them, and you care for the organization.  Feith stores and centralizes your organization’s critical documents in one great system.

What if you could automate processes at your organization by drawing a map? Now you can, with Feith’s groundbreaking Workflow IQ. Make your processes move, with automation designed in a point-and-click interface.

Risk is no longer worth the risk. Manage paper and electronic records, with our Department of Defense certified records compliance system. Freeze, transfer, store, audit, and destroy records according to the strictest rules. Then thank us later.

Email is the number one source of important records that you have. Treat it with respect. Securely capture Email and Attachments in the Feith database, where they can be categorized and managed with the respect they deserve.

Create Web Forms in under 60 seconds. Without any web programming skill at all, you can create self-service forms that will automatically store to your Feith database, trigger new tasks and workflows, and keep business moving.

Paper isn’t going away anytime soon. Despite that times are changing, many of your most important documents are still born on paper, like contracts. Modern Document Imaging, with integrated paper, is the only way to remain truly future-proof.

Visually track your critical data and key performance indicators in beautiful, customizeable graphs. Give your managers a real-time view of the most important information available, so they can make great decisions every time.

Collect documents or emails into cases, and assign workers to tasks on those cases in one easily supervised system. Our Case Manager software facilitates the entire case lifecycle – tasking, collecting, editing, reviews and approvals.

Feith’s private enterprise file sharing application, allowing you to share data and documents with others around your organization, remove files from email and access them later, and securely backup files.

Chances are that you have at least ten major systems at your organization that are producing data on any given day. Connect that data together with our APIs and Integrations. Feith is a hub in your digital universe.