Keep Your Information Digital

Keep Your Information Digital

Here at Feith we live by three words: CAPTURE, MANAGE, DELIVER.

These are the basic components of the document management equation: getting information into your system, managing that information, and getting it into the hands of stakeholders.

You probably already knew that, but it may surprise you to learn that when we talk to customers, the biggest area for improvement is in Capture.

That’s right—getting information into your database is what’s really eating up your team’s time. And whether it is through a web service integration, a high-speed scanning solution, or plain old drag-and-drop, we want to help your team gain back those valuable minutes. So here’s what we’ve learned:

If you want to cut down on the time it takes to do capture your information, then take a step back and connect the dots. Where is all this paper coming from? Paper forms and documents requiring wet signatures are probably the biggest culprits, but there are many times where files are printed and scanned into the database because users do not know any better way.

Try mapping your process end-to-end to see where those files can stay digital, and here’s a hint—you can ask us for help.

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Mitch Farbstein

Mitch Farbstein

Mitch is our resident thought-leader on Information Lifecycle Management, he runs the perennially popular Records Management University series, and shares his expertise at conferences like ARMA, AIIM, and more. In his spare time, Mitch runs the Feith Systems Government Sales division, guiding and building our relationships with the US Government.