Our Mascot

Who is Frig the Dragon?

Frig, short for “That Friggin’ Dragon!” – the Feith mascot extraordinaire – began life more than two decades ago as an illustration titled “The Fax Dragon”. 

This rare picture is the earliest known sighting of Frig in recorded history.

A Cultural Icon

Not only did frig go on to become the official Feith mascot, he also started to pop up around Feith software as our product icon. Here he is pictured in glorious 8-bit color

You may have even caught a glimpse of Frig yourself!

The original Frig program icon was created by Feith employee Natalie Price in 1994 to identify the FDD Power Client.

We like him

We’ve been asked numerous times why we don’t retire our small pixelated dragon friend. We could replace him with a sleeker, more modern icon — perhaps a lowercase “f” or a very flashy fox. The answer? We like him, and that’s our friggin’ prerogative.

Frig can also be seen as the profile picture on all of Feith’s social media pages, including FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.