Reports IQ

Feith’s Reports iQ is an Enterprise Report Management solution designed to integrate with – and enhance the usefulness of – your report generation application, particularly SAP’s Crystal Reports (which is free with Reports iQ).

Make any single template dynamic by either scheduling it to run on a regular basis, or declaring triggers to email reports when specific conditions are met. Create your report schedules with any parameters, any frequency, and in any format you wish, distributing them via email automatically.

Reports iQ picks up where applications like Crystal Reports fall short. The Reports iQ scheduler saves you time by eliminating the routine task of manually scheduling reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Then, the Template Creator will auto-generate and deliver the report via attachment or direct link based off your distribution specifications. You can even schedule the reports to print automatically or provide access through a secure web portal to maintain an audit trail.

How It Works

  • Create a Reports Template, then upload from Crystal
  • Define user access permissions based on your groups
  • Schedule the report to automatically run with custom intervals
  • Choose your output format, including Word, Excel, and PDF
  • Define email list for report distribution
  • Generates reports according to your customized template
  • All reports are automatically stored in the database for review

Reports iQ adds the power of a BPM engine to continuously monitor and run scheduled reports.

Why Reports iQ Is Smart For You

Distribution of reports is automatic, based on schedules defined by the administrator. For more advanced distribution, fine-tune recipients by groups to send one set of results to one recipient or group, and a different set to another.

The generated reports are fed directly back into the database, and can be disseminated via attachments or links in an email based on your defined email distribution list. 

You can also run the report without generating notifications, so users that access the system regularly can proactively retrieve the report and without being bothered by emails.

Reports for distribution can be run dynamically based on new data – or new additions to the distribution list – automatically, with no need to adjust the reports by hand. Reports iQ will learn to add new data on the fly.

Enterprise-edition Crystal Reports comes with your Reports iQ installation, so there’s no need to already have a license.

Integrated Dashboards

Reports iQ comes integrated with our Dashboard iQ analytics and performance tool, so you can view your report data in real-time in many customizable views for next-level reporting, with capability to drill down, level-by-level, to the smallest categories or data sources.

Management by Exception

Do you run reports that often come back with identical or no pertinent results? Reports iQ can follow a ‘Management by Exception’ process, notifying you only when exceptions are reported in the results. This allows management to take note when expected results change.