Optical Character Recognition

A Partnership Between Feith and Top Image Systems

Intelligent Capture is key to an efficient, seamless workflow. If you’re not getting the right information in quickly and accurately, your output won’t be right, quick, or accurate either. That’s why Feith has partnered with Top Image Systems, a leading imaging provider and experts in automated OCR capture, to jointly offer top-level automated capture-enabled BPM solutions.

By partnering with a technological powerhouse such as Feith, we can provide an unparalleled solution for end-to-end content and document process management that maximizes the enterprise’s operational efficiency, and contributes to our customers’ ability to compete. We have found at Feith superior solution capabilities, broad industry and market knowledge, and a drive for excellence that we are certain will make this a win-win partnership for customers.

Capturing the Power of Two Industry Leaders

TIS’ is the creator of the powerful eFLOW® data recognition and classification platform for automated collection and extraction, for any volume of structured and unstructured content, in any format, from any source. As a capture facilitator, eFLOW seamlessly integrates with Feith’s workflow to diagram and optimize your workflow, creating, populating, and optimally executing your business processes from start to finish.

Feith and TIS share similar objectives to provide you technologically superior business process optimization solutions.

Automate information flow enterprise-wide and get back to your real work.

Multi-channel automated content capture gives you:

  • Full web & cloud-based architecture
  • Industry-leading recognition rates
  • Performance monitoring & control to meet SLAs
  • Web-based scanning & validation
  • Recognition workflow design without coding
  •  Highest scalability & latest technologies

With Feith’s BridgeLogiQ BPM suite, you can:

  • Utilize time and event based notifications
  • Optimize changing business requirements
  • Omit coding
  • Enjoy full process audit and dashboard capabilities
  • Monitor productivity via BridgeLogiQ’s clock watching
  • Use multi-level administration for enterprise roll-out
  • Integrate with existing LOB systems

Feith prides itself on having a long history of leveraging world-class technologies to provide its customers with the highest-performance solution set available on the market. For a long time, we searched for a powerful data recognition and classification platform that could meet the challenges facing our customers; we are impressed by the functionality, scope, and performance of the eFLOW platform and are confident it will enable our customers to achieve even higher productivity gains from their ECM and BPM solutions.

Case Study

eFLOW Invoice & BridgeLogIQ Integrated A/P Automation Solution

Implementing eFLOW Invoice and BridgeLogiQ for automated Accounts Payable Processing streamlines the capture, classification, extraction, validation, delivery, management, approval, routing and posting of purchase orders, invoices, payments, and all related documents and transactions, with full integration to ERP and other LOB systems.

Your results are increased visibility, improved cash management, maximized straight through processing, and cost per invoice reduced by as much as 80%.

With the powerful and seamless combination of TIS’ OCR input and Feith’s workflow and output tools, you have the best team available to rapidly, effortlessly, and accurately capture all your documents, receipts, invoices, forms, and more and process them through your enterprise with superior productivity.