So you’re an “acquired” Documentum customer?

So you’re an “acquired” Documentum customer?

Documentum started in 1990, and quickly proved that it was a forward-looking company, a title it held for nearly two decades.  Several of the strategies Documentum developed helped to define the Document Management industry we have today.

Unfortunately, through several aggressive venture capital rounds, an IPO, and multiple acquisitions, the core of Documentum has eroded.  This proved truer than ever, when Documentum was scooped up by acquisition-hungry OpenText.

When your document management system is acquired by a publicly traded company, you are viewed as an opportunity for revenue growth.  OpenText needs to draw as much value as possible to justify their purchase to shareholders, which typically leads to:

  • dramatically rising prices;
  • reduced upgrade options;
  • promises of investment in the product which don’t materialize;
  • pressure to shift to a competing OpenText product;
  • employee churn of both product leaders and experienced programmers;
  • account management staff who are not familiar with your needs;
  • lack of long-term products vision; and
  • a loss of existing relationships with the vendor.

We would not like to be treated that way, and neither do you; so we’d like to give you an alternative.

In 1979, Don Feith started Feith Systems, a privately-held company.  We believe in personally knowing our customers, continued investment in advancing our products, and executive support for each one of our clients.  Feith’s customers are our cherished community, many of whom have been with Feith for 15+ years.

Talk to Feith if you never want to be an “acquired” customer again.