So, what are you keeping in your file cabinet?

I’m talking about those metal boxes with drawers — you know, the things you don’t need now that your company moved to FDD.

I opened up the file cabinet in my cubicle yesterday and found a pair of high heels that I ambitiously wore to work once and ditched after an hour. That’s it.

Why? Because nobody at Feith uses metal file cabinets to hold documents.

That’s my theory anyway, and I’ve been asking around.

  • In Richard’s cabinet—a few Tupperware containers that he’s been meaning to take home all week.
  • Gregory keeps action figures and snacks, because emergency could strike at any moment.
  • Josh keeps a set of spare clothes for after a jog, or in case riding his motorcycle proves messy.
  • Patrick told me he has “a pet monkey on a bicycle playing the tuba.” Maybe his German accent is having an effect here, but I’m pretty sure he’s serious.
  • Finally, when I asked Gwyn she looked around her cubicle and said, “Wait, I have a file cabinet?”

I rest my case.

Here’s what I want to know: 
What are you using your file cabinet for, now that you don’t need it?