Send in the Drones!

Another beautiful Friday afternoon here at Feith Systems and Software, and what better way to celebrate than by taking the old UAV for a spin?

Austin, one of our Solutions Architects, has been telling us about his drones for a few months now (although he insists they’re more accurately described as quadcopters).

We couldn’t wait to see them.

Hamming it up with a drone.

So, while the weather was clear, the wind was low, and all of the executives were tied up in meetings, a few of us managed to sneak outside to see them.

“Guys, pretend I’m flying it with my mind!” says Mingjie Zhu, Support Engineer.

Austin attached a camera to the drone to transmit video to the goggles pictured above, so you can truly get a ‘birds eye view’. It can take some getting used to, especially when Austin sends it into a nose dive.

Taking a spin out front of the Feith offices in Fort Washington, PA.

That was fun, but it looks like it’s getting a little cloudy on the horizon. Better pack it up.

Until next time, friends.

PS: If you’re coming to the annual conference this year, don’t forget to keep a look out for Austin and his drones. Rumor has it he will be flying them on the beach at FACT/2015 in Atlantic City, NJ.

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Katherine Long

Katherine Long