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Send in the Drones!

Send in the Drones!

Another beautiful Friday afternoon here at Feith Systems and Software, and what better way to celebrate than by taking the old UAV for a spin?

Austin, one of our Solutions Architects, has been telling us about his drones for a few months now (although he insists they’re more accurately described as quadcopters).

We couldn’t wait to see them.

Hamming it up with a drone.

So, while the weather was clear, the wind was low, and all of the executives were tied up in meetings, a few of us managed to sneak outside to see them.

“Guys, pretend I’m flying it with my mind!” says Mingjie Zhu, Support Engineer.

Austin attached a camera to the drone to transmit video to the goggles pictured above, so you can truly get a ‘birds eye view’. It can take some getting used to, especially when Austin sends it into a nose dive.

Taking a spin out front of the Feith offices in Fort Washington, PA.

That was fun, but it looks like it’s getting a little cloudy on the horizon. Better pack it up.

Until next time, friends.

PS: If you’re coming to the annual conference this year, don’t forget to keep a look out for Austin and his drones. Rumor has it he will be flying them on the beach at FACT/2015 in Atlantic City, NJ.

Shannon Heim

Shannon Heim

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