Records Management

RMA IQ simplicity: why it works

Feith’s records management application, RMA IQ, is the modern DoD 8180.01-Certified Records and Information Management solution designed specifically for the US Federal Government.  RMA IQ provides the modern technology needed to comply with the Federal Records Act and NARA UERM in today’s agency; ensuring both electronic and physical records are automatically acquired, administered, and disposed according to your agency’s requirements.

  • Manage paper & electronic records.
  • Automatically Categorize Records.
  • Schedule disposition by category.
  • Make all records searchable.
  • Set legal-holds to prevent deletion.
  • Track users and their actions.

Feith remains on the the cutting-edge in Security and Compliance. Feith is your honored solution for records management processes — you may not be required to be DoD secure, but it’s comforting to know you are.

"A fully integrated, fully automated, and cost savings records management solution that fosters rapid information sharing across [the agency]."

A leader in the Electronic Records Management industry for over three decades, Feith understands the intersection of modern electronic content with automated Records Management, from acquisition to disposition.

RMA in a Nutshell

  • Scheduled record destruction.
  • Integrate SharePoint & File Shares.
  • Capstone RMA
  • Search all archived content.
  • Full system audits and logs.
  • Time and event-driven retention
  • Automatically categorize records
  • Real-time KPI Dashboards reporting

DoD Certified

Feith is fully certified by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (DISA JITC). The DoD 8180.01 standard is the benchmark for organizations that manage sensitive documents. RMA IQ also includes compliance for FOIA/PA, NARA UERM, and has achieved ATO at organizations like yours. With a robust RBAC and ABAC access privilege system, your records are safe in Feith.

Tailor the entire records management process to your rules, your industry regulations, and your retention schedules. With RMA IQ you can use a single vendor to manage all data, paper and electronic.

Capturing Records

The Feith platform simplifies your records management process by capturing and centralizing your records in a secure repository. The single-tenant records management model allows you to share documents and capture files securely and compliantly from anywhere you kept records.

Using synchronization and integration methods such as RESTful APIs to connect document and content sources, Feith software automatically captures Records as they are created. Along with day forward integration, Feith provides an array of tools to ensure simple backfile integration.

As Feith brings in files from existing systems, the software captures the record, indexing values, and associated metadata, allowing our platform to define relationships between documents, the ERMS, and all connected business applications and transactional systems.


Feith’s Auto-Categorizer provides you the power to automate categorization of records using metadata, full text, or any other business rules you want. It uses Boolean logic and machine learning algorithms. Given imprecise but consistent information, Auto-Categorizer recognizes similar records and places records in the right location for seamless retrieval. 

A record’s categorization is based on its structured (metadata), and unstructured (full text) data. Declaration and categorization may occur along a spectrum ranging from automatic to manual.

Feith’s record management software provides a system for managing the full lifecycle of all your document contents. With user friendly interfaces, and simple customization, you can tailor the entire records management process to your rules, file plan, industry regulations, and your retention schedules. With RMA IQ you can use a single vendor to manage all data, paper and electronic.

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