RMU – Fall 2018 Semester

Records Management University

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Course Information

  • When: Starting back Sept 25, every other Tuesday
  • Where: Online
  • Cost: FREE
  • Credits: CRM: 5 credits
  • Instructor: Mitch Farbstein, Dean of RMU


What Is RMU?

Welcome to Records Management University, a series of online courses dedicated to serving Records Management professionals, soon to enter its eighth semester. Why should you register? Just ask any of over 6,000 RM & IG professionals, just like you, who have already joined us!

Mitch_F_RMU_LibraryLet RMU Dean of Records Management, Mitch Farbstein, lead you through this educational, informational, and fun webinar course. We will spotlight the latest news, innovations, theory and concepts, critical industry issues, best practices, tips and tricks, how-to’s, and new advances in technology in Records Management. This is for everyone, experts and novices alike. Each of the 5 classes will focus on a different critical topic and last an hour.

Attention Records Managers: Each RMU session is pre-approved for 1 CRM Certification Maintenance Credit (CMP) from the Institute of Certified Records Managers up to 5 CRM credits (one for each class).


RMU – Spring 2018 Semester

The seventh semester of RMU considered records management and its intersection with evidentiary discovery, record production for litigation and record preservation. As the custodian of the organization’s “at risk” electronic and physical record assets, understanding your role in the evidentiary process is critical to yours, and the wellbeing of the organization. What potential exposure do you, as the records manager, have if the process fails to produce the requested records?

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1. The Draco (Greece) class – Tuesday, February 27

Custodial record responsibility and establishing strategies for a creditable record discovery process. You can’t produce what you can’t find – but are YOU still on the hook.

In this first class of the semester we will establish the curriculum for the first semester and begin to explore litigation support strategies relevant to records managers as the custodian of digital and physical organization assets.

2. The John Marshall (US) Class – Tuesday, March 13

Siloed content: Its extraction and the case for eliminating ROT in preparation of record discovery. During this second class, we will examine the effects of record ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial files), proper destruction of record assets, and the potential impact on the discovery process.

3. The Florence Ellinwood Allen (US) Class – Tuesday, March 27

Putting record discovery to work. During the third class, we will review the discovery process, placing content on legal hold and the technologies that are essential to a disciplined and creditable discovery process.

4. The Hugo Grotius (Netherlands) Class – Tuesday, April 10

Managing discovered records as a case for control and distribution. The fourth class will present strategies for assembling, managing, securing and controlling the discovered content.

5. The Louis Brandeis (US) Class – Tuesday, April 24

Established rules of evidence. In this final wrap up class we will review legal considerations regarding authenticated records and the Federal Rules of Evidence.


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